Thank You, 18-200, My "confront the unexpected" lens

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  1. dgh3


    Mar 13, 2006
    Syracuse, NY
    I was at a local food-fair the other day and I was just looking at some of my shots. It made it very clear to me just exactly what it is about the 18-200 lens that makes it my travel lens and why I'm upgrading its status from travel to my

    "Confront-the-unexpected lens".

    Here's the pics. This is just one of several. First is a compressed full shot of the scene, cropped a bit for framing, the second is a 100% size crop.



    That is, it is not just that it saves me schlepping glass around, but that it allows me to capture images that I could not otherwise have gotten. At the fair I was shooting lots and lots of shots in the 18-75 range, and not much above. Suddenly, we came around a corner and kids were playing in an enormous fountain. I was able to just zoom to 200mm, start shooting and capture a series of pics that were not repeated, never would be again. If I had had to change lens ... bye, bye shot :frown: I'm not about to tote around two cameras with two to four pounds lenses on them looking, to put it charitably, a bit odd. I've been considering a 17-35 or 17-55, and if I had gotten one, it would have been on the camera and I'd have missed the shot, or have to accept a tiny crop. But, the 18-200 got the shot and got it well. Maybe it isn't absolutely the best lens for anything, but being second best (or even third) at virtually everything makes it the best overall lens for me.

    This same thing happened at a street fair San Antonio during Alamo days. I got many very quickly developing and changing shots that I could not have done without two cameras otherwise. Now, not only do I feel well equipped for travel, but equally so for all my special events. I can easily see the same thing arising when I'm shooting a landscape - a bird comes by, a fox runs in front of me... I can instantly get a very good pic of almost anything.
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