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Thanks to everyone!!!

Discussion in 'Formal Portraits and Weddings' started by rocksgirl, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. rocksgirl

    rocksgirl Guest

    I just wanted to post a HUGE thank you to everyone at Nikon Cafe and especially this forum.

    I haven't asked any questions but I've learned so much from you all, and I hope it has stuck because I shoot my first wedding this weekend!

    I have read everything that Gordon, Uncle Frank, Spalding12, Greg and many others have posted. You all are so very helpful and kind. I've learned more from your post and answers to post than I ever could from a book.

    Thank you Debbie for posting your "nightmare wedding", I learned a great deal from you also. Great pics btw.

    Well, wish me luck
    and thanks again.
  2. Phillip Ino

    Phillip Ino

    Nov 26, 2007
    Hear hear!
  3. Best wishes Christy for a successful shoot. You go girl.
  4. All the best for the shoot, my experience is practise and preparation are crucial.
    Best tip - enjoy yourself!!
  5. I need to bookmark this section because there is so much to learn!

    Good luck with the wedding. Please post how it went!
  6. rocksgirl

    rocksgirl Guest

    Thanks everyone, and I do plan on posting it. I have a really great couple so I'm really excited.

    And yes Geoff, I've been driving everyone crazy with practicing. Ha! I've read everything here I could and I did a little shooting at my twin step daughters double ceremony but I know it's nothing like being "The" photographer.

    Thanks again,
  7. christy,
    i know that you are going to do well...
    but, i still wish you the very best of luck

    please take your time and really "SEE" all that is around you
    know what you want to do... but, have the ability to change your mind on the fly

    i can't wait to see the pictures
    thanks for the thread.... it was very nice of you
  8. Debbie H

    Debbie H

    Aug 23, 2007
    Christy how sweet & Thank you!! Before I read your whole post I thought you were going to say well I know what not to do at a wedding, like have me shoot it LOL!! I'm not ready to take on another,:eek:  have a lot to learn before that time ever comes. By the way the members above are the GREATEST!! With Several others that have become, well my good friends. Thanks Again!! Debbie:smile:
  9. SMH77


    Feb 11, 2006
    Good luck with your wedding--it is an exciting time for sure (and will probably be a little stressful for your first one). Have a good plan for what shots you want to capture and prioritize the most important shots first (especially during your formals session)--time flies and it will make your head spin at first...

    In all honesty: we're all learning from each other and helping each other grow here--hence the reason this is a 'community'. There are many here that I look up to and admire. I personally hope to grow in my 'artistic vision' and have seen some wonderful work from some newer posters (and older alike) that has been very inspiring.

    Enjoy your first wedding and do report back after the wedding--good or bad--and we'll try to help however we can. :smile:

  10. rocksgirl

    rocksgirl Guest

    Thanks again ya'll, I do have a plan, which I know will not flow exact and shouldn't because as Greg pointed out, you've got to "SEE" what's around. I am truly blessed with a great couple, they're very laid back and realize this is my "First" shoot.

    I will do my best to post as well a narrative as Debbie did, but I am southern so it may take a while. :) 
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