Thanksgiving Basketball Tournament

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  1. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Hey Ty...

    I keep staring at your images and wonder how they can be improved with regard to the lighting, especially since I am probably going to experience the same conditions real soon. I was looking at a thread where Uncle Frank was using a CB Jr. flash bracket for his SB800 and also was using a Lumiquest softbox. The softbox might be the ideal adjunct for using an on-camera flash but avoiding the "torched" look that we agree doesn't flatter out sports images. You would not use this softbox for the entire game, but it looks as though it would be great for shooting beneath the basket with the 50mm or 85mm. Dial the power so you have some fill, but nothing too much. Take a look at their website at and/or contact Uncle Frank for additional info.
  2. Hey Frank,

    That's a great idea. And as a matter of a fact I already own the Softbox (LQ-925D). I just have to dig it up from the storage unit and get some velcro for my flash unit.

    I am hoping to get over to the skating rink this weekend and see if the little guys have started up the season yet. The lighting is not much better there but I should get better images with the ice reflecting what light it does have. We will see!
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