The amazing power of good glass and a quality sensor

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  1. I was out out the beach on mother's day and couldn't resist taking a few snaps of my friends tiny pooch.

    3. When I looked at the pup's eye, I was startled to see the clear reflection of our condo building with me in silhouette. Check this large crop.
    4. Here's a pic of the building for reference.

    Amazing (to me) resolving power of the D800e and the Nikon 105mm at f1.4
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  2. #1 is amazing, even on my phone
  3. You keep doing this Mitch. I DON'T SHOOT 105mm got it?? Apparently I don't because I can no longer drink wine and browse the district camera website without fear of doing something I'll be sorry for. Oh well, if I don't shoot it, I can always make it a birthday present for my son. Guess I'll call Eldar.
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  4. On my mini now and #1 is even better
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    Dad.... ???


    Kind regards
  6. 105 was always my favorite focal length. I have the Nikon 105/2.8 VR, a Zeiss 100/2 and my old favorite 105/2.5 AIS. I don't need another 105, so please stop posting such perfect pictures with the 105/1.4. You just make me want the 105/1.4.

    Well done, hrrumph.
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