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The Art of Bird Photography - A Review....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jeff Lee, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Jeff Lee

    Jeff Lee

    May 16, 2006
    Now that I have completed my photographic system, from Dark Room to Camera, I started to concentrate on why I acquired all of this stuff - taking images that please me.

    One of the things I really love is photographic images. I think the best two sites on the Net are here for Nikon users and Fred Miranda for Canon users. In a way, the picture forums here are much like a portfolio book that changes from day to day. I have about 50 photographic portfolio books and a few "How To" plus "gallery" books. This post is the first one in a series I intend to post here and covers one of my favorite birding books, “The Art of Bird Photography” by Arthur Morris.
    I don’t tend to acquire “How To” Books, but several are so outstanding in my opinion that I had to have them. This is one of them. I got started with birds because my wife loves to see them. First came the $500 pair(s) of binoculars and the trips. We live in Oregon, so we have incredible access to world class birding locations. Then I got my DSLR and it was NAS until I got my 300 and TC1.4/1.7’s which are perfect for me. What makes this book different from most “How To” books in the discussion of technique more so than equipment.

    Arthur’s images are nothing short of spectacular. Even though he uses the “C” cameras, I find his images truly art. For me more than 50% of the images in the book are WOW images. Not only are they technically very good, but they have that indefinable combination of color and form that is found is all art.
    While mine is an older copy and focuses on film, everything that he talks about is crucial to making great wildlife images. I had my camera with me when I revisited this book. Thinking about each images he had taken, and how I would make the adjustments that he describes. From exposure to how to get close, this is a mini thesis on becoming a competent bird photographer.

    The book is short, about 160 pages, but each page instructs on essentials in a meaningful way. From the novice to the expert, there is something to make you better. Arthur talks about his life changing experience when his wife died of cancer, I understand as my late wife died of a brain tumor. So perhaps I feel a special kinship with him and his work.

    Is this really “the complete guide to professional field techniques”? Well he describes his techniques in such detail that he even tells you how to “belly crawl” through mud to get close. He lists come of his favorite locations and most importantly shows images to explain the techniques he writes about.

    If you are a birder, get the book from your library. I’m sure once you do you will want one for your own collection.

    Hope you enjoyed this short review.
  2. Check for Art's latest update to ABP (called ABP II). It is available only on CD, because it is 900+ pages in length.
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