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  1. I find the 28-70 lives on my camera 90% of the time these days, and have been analyzing why. Of course, my favorite subjects are people, and I'll take hundreds of portraits during an event, such as a wedding. The FOV range of 42-105 allows me to use one lens indoors and outside.

    It's wide enough for group shots...

    or environmental portraits.
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    It's long enough for selective focus (blurred backgrounds)...
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    and fast enough for candids.
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    And when it comes to sharpness and contrast, it's in a very exclusive league.
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    I consider it the best choice for a people-picture zoom, though that's largely based on my subjective preference for tight shots.
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    Btw,it isn't bad for flowers and scapes, either:wink:.

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  2. Ken-L

    Ken-L Guest

    Nice shots, as usual......the Beast is a versatile lens!
  3. Frank, these are simply wonderful photographs. Especially the people ones..... full of life........

    I know you love the lens but....... in this case I think the photographer is just as good....if not a whole lot better!!!!!!

    Graeme :smile: :smile: :smile:
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