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May 2, 2005
After my recently bought 70-200/2.8VR, today I ordered The Beast. I also ordered the TC-17EII (for the 70-200 and...).
After some testing (70-200+TC) and if positive I'm thinking of selling my 80-400VR.
What's still on the list? First, the 12-24 (when I have this one the 18-70 will go...) and then...
Yes, then... I need a lens for capturing wildlife on my holidays. If my range is 12-24/28-70/70-210 the logical (?) choice would be... 200-400
But now comes the catch... After reading tons of articles everywhere my lens lust is going towards the 300/2.8VR.
Why? Cost, 2.8, size, comments here.
I was always afraid of primes (you have to move not the lens) but now...
Good choice or what?

P.S.: luckily you don't have a travel lust over here otherwise I would be broke...
Apr 30, 2005
I have both and I would vote for the 200-400mm VR. Combined with the 1.4 or 1.7 the flexibility for shooting wildlife is amazing. My 300mm f/2.8 (non VR) gets very little use now. Both are great lenses but I appreciate the flexibility.
Feb 2, 2005
Maple Bay, Duncan, BC, Canada
Real Name
Andreas Berglund
I can't speak for the 200-400mm VR from all i hear it is a great lens. But I just got the 300mm VR. and it is an astounding lens, super super sharp already at F3.2 and quite sharp even at F2.8. The fast lens makes it possible to take shots you normally can't take on say flying birds, when you need to get the speed up. And the VR makes it possible to take them handheld.

Now the question is what fits your style? (and wallet :) )
Feb 12, 2005
Myrtle Beach, SC
I happen to agree with General, the 200-400VR is an amazing lens and the flexability it gives you is outstanding! The combo of the D2x and the 200-400VR is the best wildlife combo on the market at present time.

On the other hand the 300VR is also fantastic so how can you really loose no matter which you get! :D

I have the 200-400 and have been using it more and more lately for hand held shots. I am heading to Kenya for 3 weeks at the end of September and this will be my "go to" lens even though I will have a 500 AF-S with me. Like I said the flexability is superb!

Best of luck whichever you choose, it really boils down to your goals for the lens!!!

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