The Bionic plant

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  1. I know Hosta's are common but they are one of my favorite plants in my garden. My dogs trample them, pee on them, lay down on them and every year they come back, bigger and more plentiful than the year before.




  2. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    Hosta are very hardy....a couple years ago we did some landscaping and had black plastic laid down and then red rocks over that....looks great...the next spring the hosta just poked right through....i was happy about it...didn't have to replant.
    nice captures! i love #1 and #3...
  3. Thnxs Leigh you are always so kind..
  4. Brew

    Brew Guest

    Yours seem to be doing much better than some of my variegated ones!!! :cry: I'll have to look at replacing them one of these years if they don't take off. I think they get too much sun however so I don't know if they are in good spots to begin with.
  5. They definately do well in the shade. I live in the woods not much sun...
  6. Greg


    Apr 5, 2005
    Fayetteville, TN
    an interesting plant. looks like many composition options. nice comp on these shots.
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