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The cowardly photographer

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Terri French, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. What an adventure we had yesterday. I live about 100 miles from Teton Park. My husband and I decided to ditch work early and drive over to Jenny's Lake in Teton Park for a hike that we like. As we were driving to the lake we saw this----

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    After we arrived at the lake, we took the ferry across the lake and then started our 2.5 mile hike around the south end of the lake. We had been warned that there was a bear in the area. We were hiking along the shore of the lake, where we met up with a family of 2 adults and 5 children who were stopped at a spring that was emptying into the lake.

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    A teenage daughter of this family and one small boy took off hikng again and my husband and I followed after. The kids went around a corner and a second later the girl and boy reappeared and said, "There is a bear up there!" Following right after them and coming toward us probably 20 or 30 feet away was a brown bear. I was wearing my camera around my neck and my husband kept telling me--get a picture!!!! Well, being the chicken that I am, I was only concerned with getting away from the bear!!! We quickly met up with the rest of the family with the bear coming after us. We all decided to get off the trail and into some rocks by the side of the trail and let the bear go past us. I thought, when he goes past us, I will get a GREAT picture of him. But, he stopped at the spring, got a drink and went back up into the mountains. DARN, I missed a great photo opportunity.

    A little while later we met up with a guy who had some very expensive Canon photography gear around his neck. I asked him if he had seen the bear. He had, but like us, didn't worry about any pictures. Getting out of the way was all he cared about as well.

    Anyway, here is my only bear shot of the day, as well as a cute squirrel I saw at the store. He posed for me.

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    By the way, we got caught in a thunderstorm as well--with no rain gear, of course. It was a fun day!!!!

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  2. bfjr

    bfjr Guest

    Beautiful area !!
    Thanks for showing, wish I could go !
  3. jfenton


    Jan 26, 2005
    Haverhill, MA

    I would have been chasing the bear and Ron would have been whacking people with his tripod to get at it (ooops...did I say that?)

    It looks like a stunningly beautiful region...and I am envious!
  4. biggstr6


    Apr 26, 2005
    Sounds like a fun Day.
    The Moose made me think of the TV show Northern Exposure , I can hear the music now.
  5. enjoyable series, thank you
  6. Hey I would rather capture a shot of the moose than the bear anyway they look great as does your scenics, get the bear the next time
  7. One note--every year a photographer or two are killed in either Yellowstone or Teton Parks trying to get close to animals. I guess I have just heard too many stories. Most of them are killed by either bison or elk charging them. I am mad at myself for not getting a picture, though. But, that is easy to say when you are safely out of harm's way.
  8. Hi Terri,
    The one picture you posted of the bear is the one I would have taken. I am envious of the other images -- I can only dream of such things. BTW, nice story line to accompany these.
    Thanks for sharing this adventure.
  9. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    Excellent narrative and wonderful pictures. You definitely did the right thing by staying out of the bear's way. Even the best shot of all time isn't worth your safety. :wink:

    That's a beautiful area you've got to hike and shoot in. We are all envious. 8)
  10. Terri;

    Wonderful shots and story. Glad to hear that all is well. Jenny Lake is one of my family's favorite places in the world. We like to take the boat across the lake then hike to Inspiration Point.

    Thanks for sharing these.

  11. I too have had some scary bear encounters and was also charged by a bull moose once. Discretion is the better part of valor Terri and you exercised that in this case. You live in a very beautiful part of the country and wildlife is in abundance. Well taken images.
  12. Isn't the wild great?!! Love your shots! It's neat to see such creatures out in the wild, like the moose. Gotta be careful with the dangerous ones, though. Glad you're safe and sound and ready for another adventure! :) 
  13. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    Nice pictures and an enjoyable story Terri.

    Yeah I'm sure it's a bit different when you're actually in that situation and the adrenaline starts flowing.
  14. Thanks,
    You certainly have your beautiful areas as well. Next winter I will be wishing I could go where you are.
  15. Re: Teri

    You guys are braver than me. My husband was so disappointed that I didn't get a picture.
  16. I've never seen northern exposure. Isn't that show based in Alaska? We have lots of wildlife around here as well. I live in a high country desert. When we first moved into our house about 18 years ago, we had a moose in our neighborhood. Can't imagine why it came here.
  17. Thanks for looking, Dave.
  18. I hope there isn't a next time. Once in a lifetime is enough for me!!!!! Moose are quite common around here. Maybe by fall I can get one with a big rack on its head.
  19. I bet you have plenty of beauty in your area as well. You probably have things there that I could dream about. I do live in a gorgeous place, but you must remember, in the winter it gets really nasty here. We pay a price for the summer fun.
  20. Thanks Frank--Like I said in a previous post--don't be too envious. Summer is great here--but winter........


    My husband loves it, though. There are lots of retired folks who head south from here for the winter, with good reason.
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