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The D3 meets the 400vr

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Randy, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. 3pm this afternoon

    The D3 is noticeably faster focusing than the D300, maybe 40% faster but I can't give up the crop factor for field sports, even with 400mm.




  2. Nice series Randy. What are you average shutter speeds on these?
  3. thx Ed....thru the roof....1/5000 to 1/8000
  4. Wow Randy. Beautiful color. Awesome subject isolation and 3D pop. Simply wonderful and very impressive.
  5. Super clear Randy and professionally taken...What a lens too!:biggrin:
  6. Very impressive work Randy!

  7. i posted on the other thread, randy
    these are STELLAR....

    i'll be happy with the 400/2.8 on my D3?
  8. thx Robert

    thx Sal

    thx Don

    thx Greg...the lack of crop factor will be a problem if you have to reach to get the boats....if the light is good use your d200 and you will be fine
  9. ah....
    the D200?
    i haven't used her in a while
    surely the IQ of the D200-400/2.8 combo won't be as good as the D3-400/2.8, even in GOOD LIGHT..... no?
  10. how about D3+14TC+400/2.8 vs. D200+400/2.8?

    what say you about THIS "battle?"
  11. Mr.Bill

    Mr.Bill Guest

    That lens is amazing; fast, sharp and colorful. I'm losing my patience on the new (hopefully) 80-400. I am falling in love with your glass.
  12. Superb results

    Superb results but I don't know why everyone is adamant about the "crop factor" ... ? It does not give you more reach.
  13. It's the field of view that changes and the tendency is to think of it as having less reach because that is what the eye sees.
  14. I'd guess this will focus faster and give better IQ (especially at higher ISOs) than the D200/4002.8 combo.
  15. it depends on the backgrounds and bokeh from f4 on FX..
    I've been told that 2.8 is thinner on a D3 than a DX body so maybe f4 on the D3 will have the same dof as 2.8 on the D300......

    personally I don't like TC-s but I will use them for BIFs
    If you can get closer the D3 + 400 maybe the best pure IQ you can get (except for maybe the D3 + 200/2)
  16. I'm not sure....
    i liked my d300 pics yesterday better than my d3 pics today but i did have a 4:30 sun vs a 3pm sun
  17. the thing with the 80-400 is it is a very specialized lens but it is very good....it is not a fast focuser or a background eraser but at f7 it has superb IQ

  18. thx Dude
    if i shoot the d3 at 400mm vs the d300 at 400mm and crop a 4x6 I am happier with the d300.....granted I have not done a serious apples to apples comparison and it's more of a gut feel
  19. How would you compare the color depth between the D300 and the D3? These shots are literally stunning.
  20. thx Rich....

    for me IQ is very close for both bodies, including contrast, sharpness and color rendition

    the 2 signifant diferences are:
    - high ISO, the D3 blows the D300 away, it's not even close...the D300 tops out at 1250, the D300 at 6400
    - focus acquisition....I think the D3 blows away the d300 to the same extent that it does with high ISO...I just can't believe the AF system is even close to the same
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