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The F3- Its LOVE at first click!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AFS, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. I may be a digital kid, but everyone loves a nikon film body. Even me :)  I've recently acquired a taste for MF lenses and older cameras. So after trying many auctions, I finally won a Nikon F3 in excellent mechanical and very good cosmetic condition. It comes with an AIS 50mm f/1.4.
    My dream is finally realized. What film should I use :smile:

    EDIT: My Beautiful F3 arrived today. It is in absolutely perfect working order, just some brassing around the strap lugs. I've attached the strap from my 70-200 VR case to the rings.
    I found when I opened the box (much sooner than I thought, just after returning home with 3 rolls of 36exp Tri-X 400) that it had the original manual, the 50mm was the AIS model, and that my camera RULES!
    I really do need to get my eyes checked though. my bad prescription in my right eye makes it tougher to see for MF (thankfully the split image helps a lot here), and it makes it tougher to always see the VF display, but I expect I'll do even better when I get my contacts.
    I have the business card for a used camera shop...I'm gonna try and pop in this weekend and grab a new eyecup and maybe some extras. Perhaps I can find the right diopter :) 
    I've already shot about 15 shots. The first few may have been a waste because I fumled around a bit trying to load the film. The instructions are clear, I just dont have much of a clue. I messed up on my spoke placement at first, then I didn't figure out how to make it stay on the center roll (I am still confused), but I got it to stya somehow probably at teh expense of several shots.
    Still, metering more or less matches the D70 and is spot on with my handheld meter.
    Can't wait to finish the roll...
    Thanks all :) 
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  2. Sweet pick-up on that F3. For black and white film I suggest Tri-X. It gives some really nice grain. Enjoy that camera.
  3. Loved my F3 so obviously I think you made a great choice.
  4. gho


    Feb 7, 2005
    My very first camera, bought it new (took me 3 years to save for it). Unfortunately it was stolen a year later which prompted me to take a haitus from photography for two decades.

    Loved that camera, wish I still had one.
  5. Congrats! Heh, I was thinking of picking one up just so I have some film gear to play with in HK for xmas. Get the HP?
  6. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    TKO is right. There is only one film - trix. You can develop it yourself in the bathroom, and you can scan it, send it out for scanning or (slapping hands on head, like the stolen painting, The Scream) print it with an enlarger. I use it often for the relaxing properties it has. Here are a few examples:




    Of course there are other films too. Infrared film for example, if you can find it - does a thing very unlike digital IR. Here, go see through this link.
  7. JMartin

    JMartin Guest

    I have an F3hp myself still, though I have been thinking about selling it and the lenses I have for it to get more new gear. The only problem is, it has Property of US Government on it! :frown:

    I got it years ago from a friend of mine that is a Federal Marshall, he bought it when work upgraded their equipment.

    On the other note about Tri-X, I recently heard Kodak was going to stop producing it. Was that true or have the voices of the photogs still using it prevail and change their minds? :confused: 
  8. Congratulations, Harrison. Film is still a pleasant and rewarding medium to shoot.

    I know there are many Tri-X adherents, and it does have "that look". But, for something different in the b&w realm you could consider Ilford XP2, which as a chromogenic has the advantage of regular c41 development. (It also scans beautifully.)

    On the color side, if you're shooting negative film, I highly recommend Kodak 400UC. For slides, either Kodak E100G or Fuji Provia.

    When I shoot negative film I always have it processed only (no prints), in strips of 6 negatives. This allows very efficient scanning on a Minolta 5400 with its 6-strip holders. (With chrome, I have the exposures processed unmounted and likewise cut in 6s, again to facilitate easy scanning.)

    Have fun with your new purchase! An exciting journey awaits you.

    Best wishes,

  9. Great choice. You will love it.

    There's a 'new in box' F3HP on the shelf of my favourite shop, and I almost took it home on several occasions.
  10. Didn't get the HP, I wear glasses yes but about to get new contacts, and I read about the HP having less viewfinder magnification. I can always grab an MD4, HP VF, and other VFs and Focusing screens even new from bh.
    Thanks for the film advice, guys, will put it to good use.
  11. It's here! Look at the first post for the additions.
    Thanks everyone!
  12. Iliah


    Jan 29, 2005
    Chris, you should really try gigabit film one day :)  That brings lens lust to a whole new level.
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