The Face-Off!!!

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  1. I was trying out some macro studio shots the other day, and for lack of a better subject, found these to "shoot" :biggrin:. Shot them on white foam-core board with 2 flashes, one through an umbrella, one bare.

  2. Ouch! Not feelin' the love! :wink: Is the problem the subject matter or the quality? :smile:
  3. JustEd


    Jul 21, 2008
    Sacramento, CA
    We've been busy

    looking at the newly released Nikon d90...

    Am presuming these are air gun pellets and have not seen smooth ones, but I usually shoot the much bigger stuff know powder and all :biggrin:

    It is a very nice "abstract" shot and I like it. Love shots that make people wonder, this one does that.
  4. Ahhh. That explains it... myself, I'm pining away over the D700 that is still quite a few months out for me! :smile: Thanks for the words. I had a hard time getting creative with one pellet and decided to try 2. Maybe next time, even more. I like the big stuff, too, although I don't have much experience with it! :smile: