The Fighting Parrot

Jun 12, 2007
A man goes into a pet shop to get a parrot as the one he had passed away.

the shopkeeper says yes he has one but he is a fighter , so they go into the back of the shop and see this parrot. The parrot sees them and says "I'm as hard as nail I am, nothing beats me"

The man was impressed so he bought the parrot and took him home
The next day the parrot looked lonely so the man got another to keep him company. Well that following night all hell broke loose and a tremendous racket from the covered cage swinging back and forward like mad.
So he removed the cover only to find the new parrot on it back dead.

The fighting parrot says" Told you I am as hard as nails,nothing beats me"

this upset the man but the challenge was made by the fighting parrot so he went and got a cockrell and put him in he cage with the fighting parrot.

Same thing again as the previous night, one hell of a commotion and the cage swinging violently. So he took off the cage cover only to find the cockrell dead on its back.

Again the fighting parrot said " Told you I am as hard as nails nother beats me"

Scratching his head the man decides to get a hawk and put the hawk in with the parrot.

That night he heard the worst noise ever screeching and screaming something terrible. So he goes down stairs removes the cage cover to find the hawk dead on its back

This time the fighting parrot had lost all its feathers the parrot says again " I am as hard as nails nothing beats me". The man says " but you lost all your feathers" to which the parrot replies " I had to get my coat off to deal with this one"
Apr 28, 2010
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A Minister had a very beautiful parrot, but all he could get it to say was "Let us Pray."One day, the minister was talking to a lady parishioner, and she told him she, too had a parrot, but was thinking of getting rid of it, because all it would say was "Let's make Love!" The minister thought it over, and suggested that she bring her parrot to stay with his, hoping it would be a good influence on the lady's bird.
They put the birds in the cage together, and waited...and waited. Nothing...the parrots just eyed each other from opposite ends of the perch.
The Minister suggested that maybe their presence was making the birds shy, and they should leave the room. They did, leaving the door open a bit. After a minute, the Minister's parrot said "Let us Pray! The other bird responded "Let's make LOVE!" The minister's parrot said "Praise the Lord, my prayers have been answered!
Feb 4, 2006
On a Big Island Down Under...
A man broke into a house one night, his goal was to take something small and valuable.

While he was searching through the stuff he heard a small voice "Jesus is watching you."

Startled, he points his flashlight towards the source of the voice.

In the corner of the room, there's a birdcage with a parrot in it.

The thief breathes a sigh of relief and continues on his search for valuables.

About 5 minutes later he heard the voice again "Jesus is watching you."

He turned his flashlight to the direction of the parrot, and said "What is your name?"

The parrot replied "Moses" The robber then said "What kind of silly people would name there parrot Moses?"

The parrot looked up and said "The same people who named the pitbull Jesus!" 😂 😅 😂
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Jul 8, 2008
San Francisco bay area
A man buys a parrot in a pet store. He asks the salesman if its nails get to long if he can trim them. The salesman tells him no beacuse if he does that the bird weill die. Two weeks later the man returns to the store and says the bird is dead. The salesman said to him "I told you not to trim his nails". The man says "Trimming his nails didn't kill him. He was dead before I took him out of the vice".!!!

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