[the GLOW of ROSES]

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  1. Added a short extension tube to the 50mm f/1.8D (12mm, or 20mm) to shoot these softer than what the Nikkor 50mm normally delivers.

    All handheld at extremely low shutter speeds (check bott left of images for exif) which possibly added additional blur, which I enjoy in this series.

    Your C&C welcomed. Questions too.








  2. Mmmm....yummy! I love the softness and the glow -- really beautiful! I only recently started experimenting with extension tubes and am delighted with the results one can get with them. Your images are truly outstanding!
  3. most kind of you there connie :)
  4. I really like the first one and the last two are good Kevin. You have steady hands !!
    I have a chance to borrow a SB-800, so am interested where you were bouncing your SB-600. Was it mainly ceiling or wall ?
    Keep them coming !
  5. LOL charlie! not steady hands, flash freezes quite a bit of motion.
    Was bouncing from the ceiling here.