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  1. You can wash your CF cards...and still use them. I let my card dry out after a trip through the washing machine...and it works just like new. It's quite a relief.
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    Feb 5, 2006
    Some time back, I intentionally washed one of my cards thinking it would remove a pesky spot that continually showed up in the same place on all my images. Stupid me. I tried it again after I dried it and apparently some dryer lint made its way into the card. I then had two of these spots. The dirty card matter must have cross contaminated all my other cards because these spots kept showing up and ruining my shots.

    I finally called Nikon service and they said send the camera in. I asked Nikon how I should pack my four CF cards and they said they didn't need them which didn't make much sense to me. After weeks of frustration I finally sent the camera in just knowing there was no way this problem this could be remedied without also sending in the dirty CF cards.

    Well, two weeks and $150 later I received my camera back from Nikon service. I first looked at the repair bill and really couldn't find anything about how my dust problem would be remedied, just a bunch of senseless repair codes. They did upgrade the firmware which I suspect may have some kind of antistatic dust ionizer utility that cleans the cards when inserted.

    Science has always been a weak point of mine and I'm always amazed of new innovations and inventions, but I would really like to know how this works.


    Mark, I'm glad there was no damage to your card and hopefully your images will be cleaner.

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  3. As long as you get your card out of the camera yes!!:rolleyes:
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    I always wash them because I don't trust the format option on my camera!

    But I now. Last year during a scuba dive one of my camera's flooded. SD card was still ok!