The Hasselblad 200MP $45,000 Camera

Mar 18, 2008
Miami, Florida, USA.
Not me for sure.
I have experience using Hasselblad film cameras. They are very good cameras and for years they have used Zeiss optics.
I look at the pictures from those cameras using ISO 400 and I do not accept today what I considered excellent at that time. I am talking about grain degrading the quality of the images.
Hasselblad has always been expensive. It is my understanding that there are digital backs that can be fit to their conventional cameras and those are very expensive also.
I know of one professional photographer that uses digital medium format Hasselblads but he works for a company that supplies his cameras and lenses. That is the only photographer I know using Hasselblad digital cameras.
Digital has changed photography. Wedding photographers using film were not comfortable using 35mm cameras and indeed I do not remember seeing one during a wedding. The main problem was that the negative was small and quality deteriorated with big enlargements.
Digital is excellent at low ISO for big enlargements since grain is practically absent and the new cameras are getting better at controlling noise at higher ISO settings.
Portrait photographers are very comfortable using cameras like the D3 in their studios, just to mention a camera in particular, knowing that the output of their cameras can be easily enlarged with excellent quality. I do not believe a photographer needs a 200 megapixels camera for portraits, weddings or landscapes. We are doing very well with 12 megapixels cameras and we did well also with less megapixels. I do not use often my D2H with its 4.1 megapixels for landscape photography but when I use it I have no issues making enlargements. In case you want to know; no I do not enlarge to mural sizes but most probably you do not either.
So, who is in need of one of these expensive cameras? I have no answer but whoever needs one should be prepared for those humongous file sizes that will require on the part of peripherals more memory, more speed and more room in their computers.
I just wonder in this economy how many banks are ready and willing to loan $45000 for a camera!

William Rodriguez
Miami, Florida.
Sep 6, 2009
Mpls, Mn
reading it, i can only see photographers using this camera for product or landscape photography as the 200mp process takes more than 30seconds.

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