The hills near San Jose, CA

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  1. I just completed a business trip to the San Jose, CA area. I have enjoyed my previous trips to California, and this time was no exception. I made a couple of after work excursions to as unpopulated areas as I could find, mostly to see what is there. On this particular trip, I decided to drive to the Lick Observatory, perched high above the valley on Mount Hamilton. While the observatory was closed to visitors, the drive there presented pleasant views.

    Here are a few I wanted to share:

    Starting up the harrowing 20 mile drive:

    Looking northeast:

    A peaceful pasture along the way:

    My favorite-- A lone tree in the golden, setting sun:

    A few deer appeared after dark:

    Finally, the view I was hoping to see:

    I really had a good time on this short trip, and hope that you enjoyed these few snaps I wanted to share.
  2. Some very nice captures you have here. I really love the colors and light on your third image.
  3. Nice photos Joe...especially the last shot:smile:
  4. Thanks, Jim.

    The colors were quite amazing, almost as if painted.
  5. Sal, thanks for commmenting.

    I like the last one as well. It was a wonderful view from up there.