the last Detroit Tigers game this year, for me.

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by steveking, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Hey,

    Here are a few of the last shots I took today.

    1 - A little foolin' around before game time

    2 - Reliever Todd Jones has been on the DL for the past six weeks, and today announced his retirement. A few tears were shed during the press conference now that he's told everyone that he won't be back. He's a class act and he will be missed.

    3 - Rays first baseman Carlos Pena gets his knees bent by this inside strike.

    4 - Magglio grounds out

    5 - Marcus Thames gets doubled off on Ordonez' grounder

    6 - Mike Hessman hits the third of FIVE - 5 - solo homers for the Tigers on the day.

    7 - To say that Miguel Cabrera was upset about a called third strike call is an understatement!

    8 - One bright spot on the year, Tigers rookie starting pitcher Armando Gallaraga

    9 - SAFE! Rays first baseman (and former Tiger) Carlos Pena was pulled off the bag by a wide throw.

    10 - Rays' shortstop Jason Bartlett makes a diving stop then a backhanded toss from his knees to get the force at second.

    13 - Have you ever seen a delivery that is THIS weird?? It looks like he's going bowling instead of pitching a baseball.

    12 - Curtis Granderson drills this pitch over the wall in right for the fifth and last solo homer, and 7th run to help the Tigers beat the Rays.

    Yeah, this was a very weird season, but I'm still all verklempt about it being over here in "The D".
  2. niknd501


    May 13, 2006
    These are some amazing photos Steve. Your work is first class for sure.

    #3 is my personal favorite. I really that angle for shooting.
  3. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Well done Steve, you cover the Tigers so well. They had a rough season, they'll enjoy their break and enter spring training with a re-newed vigor.
  4. tjk60


    Dec 4, 2007
    troy, mi
    From penthouse to the outhouse, damn, what a let down.

    Loved every one of your shots. Can't wait to see the changes....
  5. very nice Steve, harsh light. Guess your boys kept TB from popping the champagne corks one more day!
  6. Excellent #5 #10 #12 are my picks of the bunch. I am sitting here biting my nails that my PHils hold on and make the playoffs
  7. Oldtime


    Jul 5, 2006
    Durham, NC
    Steve another great series well captured There is always next year
  8. dj addicted

    dj addicted

    Apr 15, 2008
    great shots!!! Where were you located when taking these?
  9. Yeah, we thought next year was this year in April, oh well.

    Mike, I'm rooting for your Phils too, I've never been a Mets fan.

    Thanks Chris, we'll do what we can for your BoSox!

    Thanks Tim, at least we're keeping the skipper, Jim Leyland is being retained which is a good move.

    Thanks Frank, but unlike many in this area I still have another team to root for, the CUBS!!

    Thanks Rod, that angle seems to work for me too, I get a bunch from there every game.
  10. Hi DJ,
    I was in the photo wells at Comerica. I was shooting my 20th game of the season for a photo service.
  11. cameraman

    cameraman Guest

    Well done steve! must have had good seats
  12. dj addicted

    dj addicted

    Apr 15, 2008
    that makes sense... I was wondering how you got down to the field level.
  13. Steve, as always great work. Wish the weather was going to be a little better here in the east, losing a lot of photo time if things are postponed.
  14. Love that No. 10 shot. Looks like summer is now over for the Tigres and los Yankees, just wait till next year. Go Cubbies
  15. Great stuff as usual Steven.
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