The longest suspension bridge in Canada

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  1. Is located at Eagle Canyon campground just outside of Thunder Bay ..very near Ouimet Canyon in Dorion....We were getting bored so along with my wife and a friend from the Canon group decided to go for a ride and hike to see the bridge..
    The light was terrible..hope to get back when there is better light.


    And the footing was precarious in places...

    This area up until this year was a popular site for ice climbers...This year however no insurance company would cover the "sport"

    Here's a shot of the main house
    and the friendly Inukshuk at the entrance
  2. Wow Bob, that is some bridge. Probably be pretty exciting to cross. Thanks for sharing the images and the story.
  3. Your welcome Gordon...Actually there are two bridges...on shorter than the other...the first one no problem.....but on the longer one about half way across the wind picked up enough that I decided that I really liked the view from where I came rather than the one where I intended to go....

  4. Hey Bob,

    Great Shots
    I'd love to see that next time I am out there.
    How far out of town is that.
    BTW - Are those shot with the D200..................of course they are

    Happy New Year
  5. RayGuselli


    Oct 18, 2005
    Great Shots

    Hi Bob

    What brilliant shots - really excellent.

    I love the feel to them in the low light it adds to the image imo.

    Of course that aint no real bridge - never get my car across!!!!:biggrin:

    Best wishes

  6. Thanks Dave....It's about a 30- 40 minute drive from Thunder Bay.
    Yes D200...still learning.

  7. Thanks Ray....not sure whether I would call them brilliant but thanks anyway... I like low light low contrast pictures myself...By the way it's a motorcyle bridge not meant for cars...(kidding!)

  8. Wow. So did you dare to walk across it? :)


  9. Yes...Actually there are two longer than the other...I was halfway on one while taking pictures of the other.....The shorter one - no problem we made it across and took some photos...on the longer one I made it about halfway when the wind started to pick up ( to me it sounded like a howl!!) and then I decided probably I should go back.

  10. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    I have looked at these 4-5 times :>))

    Now those are beautiful images.

    I know I would be scared to death. Would notttttt catch me anywhere near that swinging bridge. :>))))

  11. Thanks always have a kind word to say...that's what I appreciate about this place.....
    As far as the bridge goes...don't look down and keep at least one hand on the rope and no virtigo!!! or is that nowheretogo!!!!

  12. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl

    That works for me :>)))))

    Thats why I would not go anywhere near it.


    Apr 30, 2005
    Nice set of images. Wondering what it is like to actually walk on that bridge on a windy day :eek:


  14. It only gusted winds that day....was ok on the smaller bridge... on the longer one brought a weakness to my legs...reminded me not to look down.
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