The Louvre Museum

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  1. I'm ranking the Louvre as one of those must see things in life. Mind-boggling the number if pieces and their significance. Reported that it would take 6mos to get through entire museum if you spent 1min at each piece there.

    The Glass Pyramid of the Louvre

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    Venus de Milo
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    Winged Victory
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    Thanks for taking the time to look.
  2. FrankAtlanta

    FrankAtlanta Guest

    The Louvre is absolutely amazing and a must see for everybody!

    Glad you enjoyed your visit.
  3. That's on my must see list, along with Egypt and Bavaria.

  4. Hey Peter (and Frank and Rich) -

    I agree!

    The exterior and surroundings alone are worth a day, and the interior . . . well, much, much longer.

    Last time I was there, non-flash photography was allowed and I hope that is still the case. I don't think that tripods or monopods are permitted and I can understand and appreciate that.

    Still, a planned visit there is a *great* excuse to acquire some fast glass, especially if one needs to enter into negotiations with the CFO . . .

  5. I remember the first time I saw the Winged Victory. It took my breath away. I had just seen the Venus de Milo then turned around and saw the WV up the stairs. It really is a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing your shots.
  6. Thanks Frank. We had a blast.

    Agree, Egypt is one I've missed so far. On the list though :smile: Thanks for the comment, Rich.

    Thanks Kevin. I think the Winged Victory was my highlight as well. You'd think the Mona Lisa would be, but I'm with you that the WV is jawdropping cool.
  7. I felt the same way about the Pieta in St. Peter's in Rome and Michaelangelo's David in Florence.

  8. Very nice set. The Louvre is a must seen.

    Unfortunately photography is not allowed in the most popular rooms.
  9. Agree Rich. Pieces of art that are fascinating and draw an emotion when you see them. All very stunning.

    Thank you Phil. I found the museum more liberal about photos than I would've imagined.

  10. Thanks for the comment Eric! Yes, non-flash photography allowed in most places. Tripods/monopods are prohibted. Taking photos of any kind of the Mona Lisa is not allowed.
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