The Lyrebird

Discussion in 'Birds' started by PossumCorner, Jun 11, 2007.

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    Not a great shot, yesterday evening I could only get an image at 1.5 seconds with ISO 1600 and I can't hand-hold at best of times. So reluctantly used in-camera flash, Nikon D70, Sigma 150 macro lens. It was a real privilege just to see this fellow, Lyrebirds are so shy and relatively rare. Hope I can come across him again in better light. (Taken in Sherbrooke Forest near Melbourne).

  2. Neat bird, are you in Monbulk or Lilydale??
  3. PossumCorner

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    Thanks Geoff. Live in Belgrave, but get across to Lilydale at weekends (flyball training with the dogs) so go past the Forest often. Catch 22 - no Forest entry with dogs on or off lead. Had only taken the macro lens yesterday looking for fungis, and got caught out in the dark - the Lyrebird was a real bonus, as I hadn't seen much in the way of toadstools. When were you over here?
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    Jan 26, 2005
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    Wow great job on that one
    Interesting bird
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