The most used Nikon DSLRs . . .

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  1. Kind of a fun read. I do own one of the bodies but my all time preference is the D2H.
  2. Had 'em all except the consumer ones...D80/D90. Put 100+K on every one too. Good stuff, Nikon (y)
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  3. Jeep Captain

    Jeep Captain

    Jan 28, 2009
    I've had 3 of the 8 listed. D200, D700, D7000. In addition, I've had a D40x, D300s and currently have a D7200.
  4. All mine are there! I guess I'm not the only shooter who uses older Nikon bodies.....
  5. Well I have used the D200 and currently D300s (being thinking about a D7200 or D700 for awhile...or maybe a D800/810 when all the people run to buy the D850 ;) ), interesting to seem some of the other stats. The salt part is very true because that information is just from the one site, you could probably get a different conclusion from Flickr or another stock photography site.
  6. rick_reno


    Dec 3, 2012
    N Idaho
    Most pictures shot in Dec/Jan?? They sure as hell don't live where I do.
  7. Christmas?
    That is pictures taken AT Christmas, and pictures taken WITH Christmas presents.
  8. rick_reno


    Dec 3, 2012
    N Idaho
    That takes care of December. What is going on in January?
  9. Really, I wonder how many D800, D7000 & D700 are out there being used and up loading photos compared to the amount of D810 & D200 in the last year or 2. There should be some sort of correlation of the number of cameras sold to the number of photos uploaded. Statistic can always be manipulate to show what ever they want... JMHO...
  10. Ann_JS


    Feb 18, 2015
    New York State
    Part of the reason for the high-volume in January may because people are trying out all the new gear which they got for Christmas?

    Late January in North America is the perfect time for photographing nesting Herons and Storks in South Florida and, I am told (but have never done it) that Yellowstone is also spectacular in Winter.

    Next January will see some excessive pixel-harvesting by me because I am flying off to the rain-forests of Costa Rica for ten days of intensive wild-life photography!
    :joyful: :joyful: 
  11. Right, if I remember correctly this was only based on one specific site.

    Flickr gives another view
    Flickr: Camera Finder: Nikon

    Explorecams another...
    The Web's Most Popular Cameras and Their Settings

    There might also be a bias in the methodology due to the fact that not everyone uploads pictures, or not as many pictures (consumer vs pro).
    Each platform has its own bias.
  12. Couldn't it have anything to do with marketing - they want to push to a certain sector of the range?
  13. When do Americans, Canadians, and Europeans travel to exotic places the most? When are southern hemisphere shooters at their summer season?
    It is conceivable to me, although it does seem counterintuitive.
  14. This may give an idea of holiday trends and habits:
    • China is a major influencer of holiday statistics, as one would come to expect.
    • Page 17 focuses on US habits.
  15. People get drunk on new years and crash on their cameras with the shutter pressed, taking lots of shots
  16. That is so easy to do with a iPhone--even sober. Just shot a gazillion frame burst the other day :D 
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  17. I have had or still have many of these cameras, but my D800e is hands down my favorite camera ever, I just love the output and ergonomics, 36mp rules!
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