The Nikon V3 announced and 70-300 VR for the 1 system

Nov 22, 2008
Sydney, Oz
Regarding the focus comment above, not being able to get focus on the RCs with the D800 is not an equipment problem. It's that frame of reference thing again ;)

Couple of cute kids there.
I ran a few test sequences this weekend with the v3 and d800e of the kids playing dodgeball and the dog playing football. Fast moving and erratic. The v3 with the 18.5 hitrate is wayyyyy above the d800e. In fact in some sequences, at 20fps, not only were there more shots in focus, but even when the first dew shots are out, the camera adjusts and the next 20 are bang on. Some of this is due to the dof obviously...alot more room for error but I tell you, the 1 system AF in good light outperforms the d800e.

I'll also add that the metering is only surpassed by my trusty old d700. It's outstanding.

I was an early critic, but trust me...this 1 series is for real.
Apr 25, 2008
Dublin, Ireland
really looking forward to picking up this lens - the images are very impressive sadly seems to be out of stock every (UK. US) - if anyone knows of one sitting on a shelf somewhere let me know!

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