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The opposite of lens lust? D200 Pinhole camera

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hovmod, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Hovmod


    Aug 11, 2008
    Following directions from a magazine, I drilled a hole in the front cap for the D200, covered the hole with a bit of tin from a soda can, and made a tiny pin-prick in the middle.

    This is a 5 second exposure using a <10p lens. A bit of PP to enhance it to this point, but hey. It's not every day you make a precision photographic instrument from scratch, you know? :biggrin:

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  2. SP77


    Jun 4, 2007
    Rockville, MD
    Nice! Any photos of the setup? :tongue:
  3. Looks like a fun project. I'd like to see the setup as well.
  4. Uhhh, does that tiny pin prick make it a f/1.0 =D
  5. It make it F 0.0 - NO depth of focus! :cool: 
  6. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    Actually it should be the exact opposite, a very tiny hole should be well over f/22 :wink:
  7. The photo looks like a great bokeh to me but where's the subject:eek: 
  8. Nikkor AIS

    Nikkor AIS

    Jun 5, 2008
    Very cool. Years ago I saw a photographer using large steel barrels and 8-10 Tri-X with a pin hole. I would love to see more results with your set up.
  9. Hovmod


    Aug 11, 2008
    It looks like this:

    Nikon D200 Digital Pinhole Camera:
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    Nikon pinhole lens:
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    I missed with the drill, so I tried a little bit to center the hole itself, but I don't think I completely managed...
    Dunno how much it matters for the result.
    The can is a A&W root beer can. :biggrin:

    I'll post more pictures, but let me tell you one thing - this setup REALLY didn't like low light, so it'll have to wait for daylight again. Hihi...

    Bokeh with no subject. Hahaha. (y)
  10. Silenus


    Dec 19, 2008
    Ronkonkoma, NY
    This is really cool! Thanks for sharing!

    ...* rummages around looking for a spare body cap*
  11. Hovmod


    Aug 11, 2008
    Make the hole VERY tiny... :) 
  12. Nikkor AIS

    Nikkor AIS

    Jun 5, 2008
    Thanks for the shot of the set up. Very cool

    from movie slap shot "And none of that stinking root beer"
  13. Hmmm, I thougth (maybe wrong) F stops are a relational number with the area of the opening against the focal length. Being that the focal length is pretty close to the body even with the tiny opening I thought it could be a low stop.

    Somebody correct me, I'm almost sure I'm wrong now.
  14. Chad


    Jan 25, 2009
    Portland, OR
    Pinhole photography hasn't been on my mind in a while. Thanks for posting your results Tormod. I used to use my Canon 7 rangefinder with a .25mm aperture pinhole in the body cap (see below). Now I occasionally use a medium format (6cm x 6cm) pinhole camera that I built.


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  15. Hovmod


    Aug 11, 2008
    That's cool!

    Here's a self portrait from this morning, holding my breath for 3 seconds...

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  16. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    No you're correct : f-stop=f/D, f being focal length and D the diameter of the pupil. But since D is really tiny it would make f a very big number.
  17. Hovmod


    Aug 11, 2008
    D is so tiny, f almost approaches infinity. Hence no need to focus. Which is lucky, since there is no way to focus. :biggrin:
  18. powbob


    Apr 16, 2009
    I actually really like that.
  19. I made a couple of home made pinhole caps, but I found it's difficult to make a perfectly round, smooth hole. Then I stumbled on THIS LINK.

    These guys sell a cap with a laser hole for about 33 bucks and the quality difference is substantial. Actually, the laser pinhole produces images so sharp that it takes some of the fun out of the process.
  20. About 20 years ago, I busted the glass out of a couple of old scratched up filters, and covered one of them with aluminum foil, then screwed them together and put a very small pin hole in the center. I screwed the pin hole filter on a Yashica TL Electro-X with a 50mm lens, using T-Max 400 (I think) and I shot the entire roll of film with the camera on a railroad tie between the tracks. If I recall (my notes have long since vanished) my best exposure was 45 seconds. The image was very clear with just perfect focus of the rocks right in front of the lens, extending all the way to the vanishing point, where the two rails still in sharp focus met at the horizon.

    Neat stuff though, thank you.
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