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The Perfect Job - Anyone Interested?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JusPlainCrayzee, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. JusPlainCrayzee

    JusPlainCrayzee Administrator Administrator

  2. Go for it Lyndee, we know you love to travel and get along well with people.
  3. A camera-totin' courtier. Sounds like a sweet gig. Go for it.
  4. I don't think that's a commensurate amount of money for the task of shooting the same people, up to 10 hours a day, week in, week out. 30 days off per year is nothing if their travel schedule is that busy.

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  5. Plus YOU have to pay for your own travel...
    Not a good deal at all IMHO>..
  6. Maybe the job includes table scraps and the use of the spare Benz on weekends.
  7. Post-Brexit UK, Hmmmm!?
  8. If young and single I think it could be a great experience. Actually travel, meals lodging is included.
  9. tenplanescrashing


    Oct 15, 2008
    The first part of the article said it doesn't include it but the email and the last part of the article says it was all included.
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  10. Growltiger

    Growltiger Administrator Administrator

    Please don't mention the B word.
  11. Growltiger

    Growltiger Administrator Administrator

    "not including" means "plus". PetaPixel isn't good at writing clearly.

    This job could be OK or could be terrible. The interview stage should allow the candidates to find out. Perhaps there are beautiful servants/assistants one could strike up a relationship with - or does that get one fired? For a photographer who is nearly broke this could be a lifesaver.
  12. if you don't mention the T word:eek: 
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  13. JusPlainCrayzee

    JusPlainCrayzee Administrator Administrator

    Awww...thanks luv, but of all the photographic genres, portraiture is the last on my list. And the same family day in and day out? Ohhhh, no....LOL! :ROFLMAO: 

    I will say, though, it does sound like a decent gig for the right person. $100K a year, plus housing and travel expenses? Not bad at all...
  14. Here is the potential rub with that. Including all those things may sound nice, but at least in the US the value of all that would have to be included in your tax filing and YOU would be responsible for the taxes on it. If this family is doing everything luxuriously, your taxes on their "included travel, meals, lodging" could wipe out your income and you are left with nothing.

    That said, if you are young and have nothing to tie you down, then getting to travel the world in luxury, all expenses paid, for a year might be worth it!
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  15. I don’t think that is accurate. The travel expenses are a cost of doing the work. I travel a fair bit for work and my job pays my travel expenses. I do not have to pay taxes on reimbursed travel expenses. Now, if they paid for me to travel somewhere and it was not work related, then that would be taxable. Or if they gave me a car to drive for personal use that would be taxable, but reimbursing me for driving my car for work purposes is not taxable.
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  16. Deal :D 
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  17. Holy cow, that is quite the job posting! Think I'll pass, though.......
  18. I suppose you are right provided the family hires them and claims them an employee.
  19. I would expect that if your at the family's beck and call, you would set up a temp residence in the UK close to the family's residence, if not actually housed on the families estate. In that case if the individual is out of the country for over 330 days during a tax year then they may be able to claim Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (which would probably exempt the 100K from taxation) and which in addition would cover the value of any meals and Logging they provided.

    Back when I 1st started work, we had individuals who volunteered for assignment in Arzew Algeria building a LNG refinery. They were in country over a year and can remember that their salaries were pretty much banked. In fact banking of their wages was one of the main reasons that they accepted the assignment, since the whole time they would be living on the company compound and provided room and board. Would send them care packages including vodka in scope bottles dyed green with a little food coloring.
  20. tenplanescrashing


    Oct 15, 2008
    I'd guess they'd 1099 them.
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