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The positive side of Lens Lust Disease

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Uncle Frank, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. A roaring case of LLD had caused me to turn over my entire kit and upgrade to f/2.8 pro glass over the last 6 months. But besides getting me in trouble with my bride and credit card companies, it's also equipped me for professional grade results, and given me tools to start landing some serious business.

    Thea, a buddy who's in the floral business, gave me a referral to a personal friend of hers, who's getting married at the end of July and still hasn't booked a photographer. As step one, I provided a link to the gallery of my recent wedding assignment in Sedona, Arizona. The bride loved it, as she's having an informal ceremony on the beach, and favors the photo-journalistic style.

    Score one for LLD and The Beast!

    I met with her this morning, and brought my sample album and my gear. Thea was there, too, and brought me one of her trademarked "Tin Can Bouquets", as thanks for helping out her friend. After we looked over the album, and discussed her event, I broke out my camera. Turns out the bride is an avid photo-hobbyist and shoots an Oly5050. You should have seen her eyes when I pulled out the 80-200/2.8 and 28-70/2.8!

    Score another for LLD!

    I showed her how the 80-200 handled a low light candid of a random kid across the room inside the restaurant.
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    Then I let her use the d70/28-70 to take a close up of Thea's bouquet.
    View attachment 11282

    Finally, I took a few test shots of her outdooors, using the 28-70 and the sb800 for fill.
    View attachment 11283

    Score several more for LLD!

    We had a brief discussion of price and deliverables, and before I could send her a quote, we had a handshake deal... with absoluely no haggling over price 8).

    Game, set, match for LLD!
  2. congratulations frank and thanks for throwing gas on the fire :^)
  3. Hehehe 8).

    So what's your current lust? :roll:

    Looking at your fabulous kit, about all I can see missing is an 85/1.4 ;) .
  4. well alrighty then a 85/1.4 it is
  5. I like your style, Dave -roflmao!
  6. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Congrats on the job Frank. Much more of that and you'll have to give up those unemployment checks! ;) 

    By the way, you included a photo by 'Christie B' with your set. Hmmm. I guess you are right. It IS the lens. :p 
  7. mf44


    Jun 4, 2005
    NJ & MD
    Frank, congratulations on the gig! Impressive glass and bodies really does help seal the deal, or even get things started.

    My gear has gotten my foot in the door at more places than I can remember. My first assignment with one paper was the state baseball finals, a dominant cover page story, due to the fact they knew about my gear. Another time I was covering a baseball champsionship game and was actually approached by a media director from ABC. She said she was impressed with my equipment and my knowledge. I got a business card without even showing my work, haha.

    Anyways, I love to see these threads. Just makes it easier to break out the credit card. Hmm, a 400mm 2.8 would look MIGHTY impressive. Hah.
  8. The problem is, that lens might land you a gig on the sidelines, and you'd end up looking like this.

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  9. mf44


    Jun 4, 2005
    NJ & MD
    Hahahahaha! That's hilarious!
  10. It's those random kids. They'll do it every time. 8)

    Nice work, Frank. Somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody. Might be the slowest method of getting the word around but may be the best reference you can get. I've already had two calls from my little b'day party last weekend.

    Yeah, the equipment matters and is impressive to pull out those fat lenses in front of a fellow photo nut but ultimately it was your *images* that got the reference in the first place.


    P.S. Speaking of LLD, let me give you ALL the reasons I have discovered to *not* get the 85/1.4.

    1. It's a PITA to use filters with a screw-on lens hood.

    2. There is no 2.

    That's all. :lol:
  11. Commodorefirst

    Commodorefirst Admin/Moderator Administrator

    May 1, 2005
    Hello Frank,

    I have been asked to do several weddings, but since I don't have a good flash yet (been buying to many lenses!) I am not ready for that challenge.

    Good gear is important. Especially good pro level gear, as you know it allows you to do more things easily.

    I have had a lot of recent comments from friends of the daughter about the dance photos, and my wife's comment was , yes good gear is important, but you still want more! lol. After my struggles last year I took the plunge, and had already been saving, and even though I had a few keepers last year, I didn't have 220 keeper shots like I did this year.

    I tell folks that good gear allows your abilities to shine.

    Nice stuff on the wine shop too.


  12. Frank,

    Is it just me or both human shots are very soft. Infect the second photo looks very weird. Entire face and body looks all "mushy" and eyes are sharp as butcher's knife.

    Glad you are starting to make money !. That Beast is pulling people towards you :) 
  13. Yup, it's you.

    Plus, my glamour treatment might have had a little to do with it :roll:. The lady's skin needed a little softening...

    How does this one strike you?

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  14. Looks better Frank !!!
  15. patrickh


    May 4, 2005
    Thousand Oaks
    UF, when is the D2x going to be hung on the back of that great glass? With professional jobs rolling in, you need something to fit on the Beast........my turn to lmao.... LLD untreated becomes GLD (gear lust disease).
  16. Uh, the jobs aren't exactly rolling in, Patrick. I'm still deep in the red... but this one might get the Boss off my back ;) .

    As far as GLD is concerned, I'm waiting on the D200, though I'm beginning to feel like a member of the Cargo Cult :roll:.
  17. Commodorefirst

    Commodorefirst Admin/Moderator Administrator

    May 1, 2005
    Good Job identifying this "overall" strain. :) 

    :)  Hmmm, so according to my records and "database" we have these afflictions and categories:

    Overall we all we have GLD or gear lust disease, which has several different strains and is all inclusive with many strong varieties like the flu, including:

    LLD or lens lust disease which Uncle Frank indentified and named

    CLD or Camera Lust Disease which should not be confused with CPULD which is computer lust disease which has it's Mac and Windows strains, usually involoving huge memory amounts, terrabytes of HD space,and dual processors. Also associated with PLD or Printer Lust disease for those wide format printers.

    and a new one which has just popped up is Location lust disease which is envy for the photographers location and being in the right place at the right time, but we need a new abreviation or word for this since LLD is taken, any ideas?


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