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The rambling of a (Possible) NUT...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Doug Barber, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Greetings All:
    I've been sitting here this AM thinking about photography, peoples skill, travel and the community that has been built with this site.

    There might be some here who don't like what I’m about to say or the assumption that I’m taking but what the heck it's my thread...

    As we all know, there are (many) talented people here and most of that talent don't take pictures for a living but for the fun of taking them. Yes there are some who sell their work (like myself) but its not a way to put 3-meals a day on a table. In most cases its a way to justify to our better halves that we should spend that $$ to get the new lens or body or what ever.

    So I got thinking today that if I had a function that I wanted photographed like say a wedding, family event or anything special it would be more cost effective to select some or one of the talented people around this board to do the job and I’m thinking you could get their services for the cost of an airline ticket. The quality of the end product would be as good if not better than you would see from your local pro. The shooter you brought in would get to do a little traveling and see a part of the world he or she would possibly not see on their own and everyone would be happy.

    A case in point would be a wedding in the UK that I’ve been asked to photograph. The person who asked me to do this is not a member of this board but is a photographer (Canon guy). We have cut a deal were I will fly to England and shoot the wedding. They will pay my travel cost and lend me a car to do a little traveling after the big day. The cost to them is a $1,100.00 (CDN) air ticket from Canada to England. This is considerably less than they would pay for a local pro and it is a good deal for me as I get to do a little traveling and have some fun.

    In this case, I'm adding in a one day Shooting / PhotoShop session with the guy who is bringing me over. Just because he feel I can teach him something and heck I enjoy doing it.

    This way he gets his daughters wedding done, a day of shooting and processing images together and I get the use of his car for a few days to travel around a little.

    I started this tread to see if I was the only one who is interested in doing this type of thing or is their more here who would consider this type of arrangement.

    As a closing note, I know that I would be very interested in trying to get the likes of Jarrell, Frank, Gordon or many others to come and do my kid's weddings if and when that ever happens. Or have Janet or Rory come and help me with my lack of bird shooting skill. So it will be fun to see if others here would be interested in lending their services in trade for an airplane ticket to other parts of the world.

    I know some will feel that this type arrangement will take food off the local pro's table. But I’m not sure that is much different than what has been going on for years with the bride’s uncle shooting the wedding. The major difference is the quality of the end product is as good as you can get anywhere.

    Looking forward to the (thought) I'm hoping to get.
  2. By the way....
    As a Canadian who gets REAL tired of our long winters.... any WARM locations will get priority with me... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Sounds like an interesting arrangement :D 
  4. What a great idea Doug. I know that my daughter charges $3000 to do a wedding in Dallas and while I love her dearly and think she has incredible talent she is not a Doug Barber talent. Good luck with your quest. In fact if I had a C note laying around I would probably take you up on it just to share ideas on processing.
  5. hans


    Feb 5, 2005
    The Netherlands

    Panos and I are trying a EU get together, if there's enough feedback it sure is an interesting option to fly you in.
    I send a question to all the participants if there's a wedding planned :wink: :wink:
  6. I've done exactly this for a photog buddy of mine. Bernie Heins of Nextphoto, his son is getting married this summer. One thing a photographer does NOT want to do is have to lash out the big bucks for a pro to shoot their wedding. I'm doing it gratis - all for the price of having the expenses covered (it's an out of town wedding). Better still, I don't have to edit - just give Bernie DVD's full of my files and he'll edit them up. I'll do some of the 'feminine retouching' like taking out the warts and wrinkles for the ladies, but he'll basically get them all ready for printing and take care of the printing too.

    I think this is marvellous idea. I also have something else to add to this idea, yet some of you might think this is really cheeky but hey, you don't have to go along with it. One of my dear friends on this forum took a beautiful picture, I just loved it, and he sent me the file edited up to allow me to print it off for my wall here at home. He trusted me enough with the file that I wouldn't abuse the priviledge like selling it, etc. Another fine member on this forum took a stunning outdoor shot, and I asked if I could have a copy as my wallpaper so I gave him my screen size and he edited it up for me. I have no problem if any of the 'established' members want to print out one of my pics. When I say established, I mean folks who I've come to know, not just someone who's registered lately and sees this posting thinking they can grab my file. Sometimes we don't want just our own stuff hanging on our walls....

    Anyone near any great kayak spots who has a relative who's getting married (ie Vancouver Island) CALL ME!!!!! *LOL* Or if it's down south, Doug can pick me up on his way through!! LOL

    Last year, I had someone ask me to shoot their daughter's wedding and asked how much I'd charge. I told them to cover airfare, accomodation, car rental and I'd do the wedding for free. (Also saves the hassle at US Customs that I'm not getting paid $$$). I ended up flying first class as another 'client' gave me the upgraded ticket via his airmiles in payment of a job I'd done for him. I got a free 2.5 wk vacation in California. UFrank helped me on the wedding and we had a ball. I then took some time for myself to drive the coastline (stunning scenery) and made new friends and it didn't cost me a dime!

    Glad Doug had the cajones to put this idea up because I've thought about it many times but wasn't sure how others would receive it.
  7. Gee Gordon....
    I'm not sure that this is much of a quest on my part. I was just interested in seeing if there was (others) in our group who would consider such a thing of was I the only NUT who figured trading what talent I might or might not have. For a chance to see some different parts of the world would be fun.
  8. This is a teriffic idea! Man, I'd jump at the chance to have my way paid and a few days off in the British Isles. Good for you..I hope it comes off.

    I'm not near most people here's competence still I've had friends and family tell me I should start doing this for money once I retire. While I find it difficult to accept, I have made enough to buy a "nice" lens from our last trip to Tuscany. All the paying customers approached me to buy the pictures; I didn't have to do any selling.

    When friends and family suggest I do this "for profit" I wonder...."if I have to do this for money, will it still be a hobby, will I still have the passion I do now?"

    I still haven't decided.

  9. gho


    Feb 7, 2005
    Wow, Doug, you're gonna shoot wedding for free (sans travel expenses)? That's an awsome deal, I may as well close up shop now ;) 

    Not something I'd be able to do, as I have to bring my entire family - I'd rather be with my two daughters than be in some far off distant land by myself. But that's just me.

    Weddings are remarkably easy to shoot, everyone always looks their best, and it's difficult to get a bad shot.
  10. Hi Hans:
    Boy a trip to your corner of the world would be fun...
    Keep me posted
  11. I was afraid of this....
    Please understand that I’m not interested in shooting hundreds of wedding all over the world for free.
    All I'm saying is if an opportunity came up that would allow me to fly someplace I would like to go to. And that opportunity came because I was willing to (trade) a skill I have for an airline ticket, that works for me.
    It's not a case that I want to put anyone out of business and I’m just interested in seeing if others here would consider the same type of arrangement.
  12. Yes, Gregory, my thoughts are the same as Doug's. I think this is more for those folks who don't want to have to/can't pay for a great pro. Not putting anyone out of work because they wouldn't have hired them in the first place. They'd just end up with 'Uncle Louie' shooting some bad pics with trees growing out of the bride's head! LOL This allows folks to meet, doing a little shooting and make some friends. It allows people to travel out of their element.

    And as a blatant sales pitch: I don't have kids, husband or 9-5 job!! LOL ;)  (PICK MEEEEEE) and Panos already knows I have a wicked sense of humour!
  13. Rob


    Jul 28, 2005
    Truro, Cornwall, UK
    Same here, nokids, Husband or job to worry about!!!!!!!! :shock: :lol:

    Also, totally unskilled. I knew there'd be a glitch.

    Great idea Doug, I hope you enjoy the wedding and the vacation.
  14. gho


    Feb 7, 2005
    Nah, I was just joking! I meant to imply that your photography is so outstanding that there's no way I can compete (not that I'm interested in competeing anyways). Uh... That don't sound right either. Okay, let me put it this way; it doesn't matter to me how many people photograph weddings, fish or whatever, as I don't generate enough business to have anyone "steal" any from me.

    Anyways, I think if people really liked my work, they'd hire me for my style (well, at least that's what I believe in my little world).
  15. Hi Rob:
    I guess the lack of skill could be a relative thing, as people seem to think I (might) have some and boy are they in for a surprise... So you should be as well off as me... just don't let them catch you looking stuff up in the manual while the bride is waking down the isle :lol: :lol:
  16. drueter


    Apr 24, 2005
    Southeast Texas
    Wow, Doug, this is a great idea. I wish I'd thought of it about a month ago when we signed the contract for my daughter's wedding next May. I imagine it would have been fairly easy to get someone to agree to visit New Orleans to shoot the wedding. :D  :D  Oh, well, I'll keep this in mind if we have any problems with the guy we've contracted.

    BTW, my daughter has told me I can't bring my camera to the wedding -- seems she thinks I have something more important to do that evening than take pictures!! :lol:
  17. Hi don:
    If there is one thing I know.... It's "do As You Are told" when it comes to fathers and daughter and wedding.....lol
  18. Don, you don't think you can get your Lowepro under your tux??? *LOL*
  19. K-loader


    May 31, 2005
    Maryland, USA
    What a neat thread Doug. The Internet sure provides a means to get to know a photographer's style and capabilities. My father-in-law, who by the way was an accomplished amateur photographer in his days, hired a photographer unknown to him through a local studio to shoot my wedding. The results were not good. Forget about the cost side of things…given the choice I would want to go with someone I was confident would give me good results. My wedding album is looked at much less than the snaps taken at my wedding by family members! I won’t forget this thread and the idea---although, hopefully I won’t be exercising the photographer search none too soon, my daughter is still in high school :)  I’m thinking the overseas travel thing makes it an attractive gig…hmmm…
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