The Rehab of Jake. Date 2004

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  1. In a small town on Long Island N.Y. a young boy (named Jake) found a one-year-old bald eagle on the ground. He called his dad who got in touch with a rehabber (Bob Horvath) who picked up the eagle and started to check it out immediately. The bird spent 5 days with Bob and his wife Rebecca before it came back to life and being an eagle again.
    The Endangered Species Unit of New York had Jake transferred to the Delaware Valley Raptor Center in Milford Pa. run by Bill and Stephanie Streeter for his final rehab to get him back to flying strength so he could be returned to the wild. Here Jake spent some time in a flight cage with another eagle and in a week or so he was ready to move outside. He was taken to a large field and tethered to a 400-foot line and will be released to see how he does. Jake made 8 flights before even showing any signs of breathing hard. Bill and Jan knew he was ready.
    Being a volunteer monitor and photographer for the NYSDEC I got to photograph and meet Jake up close and also do his release. I really like attending these releases as the satisfaction is over whelming to see the bird make it’s way back to the wild.
    Slide show #1 the rehab
    Slide show #2 the release
    Run cursor on photo to change time or pause
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    What a wonderful thing to see and so glad he was able to to back to the wild.
    Thanks you for the great slide shows.
    He is a beautiful young bird
  3. Thanks Gale glad you liked it.
  4. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    I love the real nature stories Lou>))))
  5. Baxter


    Jan 8, 2007
    Clemson, SC
    Cool stuff Lou. Must have been an exciting moment when he flew away.
  6. Thank you Gale as that's mostly what I use photogrphy for. Information and details about a bird or pair of birds. Many of the photos I have in file have been brought to life for some info years later. In my stage of life it is a very rewarding thing and hope someday I'll be able to still help after I'm gone to eagle heaven.
  7. Yes Baxter and it's every time not just this one. I guess I have hundreds of files on days like this and many times I am called on for a copy and info on a certain day. Thank you for looking.
    Love it
  8. Those were the most incredible slides! I'm thrilled they named the eagle after the kid who found him! I'm so happy too that there are people who genuinely care for our beautiful wildlife! I hope Jake the eagle lives a long and happy life! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Me to Dianne Me to.
    Thanks and I hope one day I meet up with Jake. Banding is so important to help keep our birds healthy and going. We learn so much just from a band #.
    If you should ever find a bird with a BLUE band on one leg and a SILVER on the other you will have a New York eagle.
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