The SB800 Bounce Card Drawing Attention

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  1. I do a lot of street photography in Miami Beach and with wintertime light I have my SB800 mounted at all times. At times I am left alone to walk around while others I hear ‘paparazzi!’ and other related negative comments as I pass. I noticed that displaying the bounce card makes a big difference in having encounters or not. I would guess that it is the white card draws more attention to the black camera. Or perhaps the card signifies that the camera is about to be used.

    I’d love to hear what others feel. Next time you are in public with your SB800 mounted display the bounce card at an angle and see how people react to you.

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  2. Interesting Dean. I have know people that own an expensive flash and didn't even know that it had a white card. If you think that draws attention you should try Gary Fong's PJ diffuser.
  3. jjdesanto1


    May 1, 2005
    Warwick, N.Y.
    John DeSanto
    Hey Dean

    Any time you look like a pro, you're gonna draw more attention, in almost any business. Most of the time it's not the equipment - since the general public has no idea what's pro and what's not - but how you go about your business. It's your body language, your attitude, the way you go about looking for the right angle that tells people that your serious about your business.

    You, obviously, must look like a pro. Congratulations!
  4. I read the page and will order one soon. It would be a real help in some situations I encounter.
  5. My point of the post is there is a difference when the card is 'flying' or not. I'll also go a little further and state that at the 45 degree angle it seems to catch the most attention.
    So for any of you out there who are curious, walk down the street flying your bounce card and see the reaction you get.
  6. I'm not certain, but I think Greyflash's comment was TIC.
    If you think the little bounce card gets attention wait 'till you use the LSPJ!
    I get more people coming up saying *** is that thing?

    With that said it gives great results at the expense of gobbling pretty much light.


  7. I would like it for one specific purpose at the moment - when two people are going at it such as these images.


    I 'burned' this one but was able to make it somewhat presentable in post processing.

    View attachment 24408
  8. TOF guy

    TOF guy

    Mar 11, 2005
    I've started to use a different diffuser, called the shell, which was recommanded to me by a pro photographer.

    It works well for a little flash fill in daylight, but I think the light is still too "harsh" when the flash light contributes significantly to the scene. Still way better than direct flash illumination, but it seems that this PJ device may be better in artificial light.

    On the "bright" side, the "shell" does not seem to attract attention:confused: but I haven't done the "real" test yet: one of my younger daughter's soccer practice. Apparently some parents have made mocking comments to my wife about the 70-200 f2.8 afs vr :rolleyes: .

    For the next soccer practice in Spring, I plan is to have them both on even if I leave the flash off:tongue: .

    What is your own experience with the PJ ?

  9. marc

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    why do you need the bounce card, for your photography?
    do you want to put a glint in your subjects eyes?
    that is what the bounce card is basically used for.

    just shoot and run, no bounce card
  10. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    Was wondering the same thing, since the card is used when the flash head is up in the bounce position, which I can't imagine doing when outdoors since there's no ceiling to bounce from.
  11. marc

    marc Guest


    i have followed your posts, since i have a home in south fl., i am familiar with what you photograph

    i am just curious, what is your fascination, with the street preachers?

    i did post previously , why you would use the bounce card, when shooting these people, why telegraph your even being there?
  12. PeterRH

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    Bounce card is useful outdoors

    The bounce card can be used outdoors very effectively as an alternative to the diffuser dome supplied with the SB800. It provides (from the portion of flash bounced off the card) a less direct light than the flash with diffuser and can be useful in balanced TTL mode.

    It is a lot less obvious than the Lightsphere as well...must admit I've never drawn any comments when using the SB800 outdoors, but then most people would look at the D2x first anyway and talk about what a big camera it is.
  13. Red eye is no longer a problem with a bounce card and a 45 degree angle.
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