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The Sigma Images Thread

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by BourbonCowboy, May 21, 2016.

  1. Since there is a vibrant Tamron thread here, I thought that it was about time for a thread dedicated to Sigma shots. Feel free to post them - but be sure to include the lens, and if possible, the settings.
  2. I'll start it off with my favorite walk around lens... ;) 

    D7k with Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4 DC Macro OS

    70mm f4 1/30 ISO-800

    55mm f11 1/60 ISO-400
  3. Moony16


    May 7, 2011
    New England
  4. Moony16


    May 7, 2011
    New England
    Excellent Sigma shots W. jt
  5. Moony16


    May 7, 2011
    New England
    This is a great idea--there's so much great Sigma glass and it's nice to have a dedicated thread to Sigma in general, instead of to focal lengths in particular. jt
  6. Thanks, jt...! :) 

    If I could have only one lens it would be the 17-70... ;) 

    Absolutely...! ThumbsUp_2.
  7. digipix


    Mar 30, 2006
    I have a Sigma 15mm that I use with my D800 on occasion. It's definitely a specialty lens but fun to use in the right situation.
    19276009235_1c96b7cf18_z. Grizzly Curve by Alvin Tenpo, on Flickr
    Exposure: f6.3, 30 seconds, ISO 400
    Location: Grizzly Peak Road, Berkeley, CA

    25717905076_76d2f411e3_z. Fishing at the Paramount by Alvin Tenpo, on Flickr
    Exposure: f9.0, 1.6 seconds, ISO 200
    Location: Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA

    25717905556_19a4637edc_z. Landing Lights by Alvin Tenpo, on Flickr
    Exposure: f7.1, 0.5 sec, ISO 200
    Location: Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA

    The Sigma 15mm is a fun lens that can definitely give you a different look.

    Thanks for viewing.
  8. I've owned a few Sigmas through the years and most have been great but some dire. Great would include the AF70-210/2.8 which was a beautiful lens - I also briefly owned a 30/1.4 (aka Dirty Thirty) which I liked. I got some good stuff (and won a magazine competition) with the 10-20/4-5.6 but it seemed to give odd results in at least one corner. The 70-300 that I had was just deadweight though - I never got anything worthwhile with it.

    Right now, there is only one Sigma left in my collection, which is a 400/5.6APO with something that might or might not be fungus on some of the middle glass. I tend to avoid it, but I might try to take some pictures with it at some point to see if I get anything worthy of posting here.

    In the meantime I will probably lurk and enjoy the results that everyone is getting.
  9. Bohemien


    Mar 29, 2009
    I really like my two Sigma lenses (35 Art and 50 pre-Art), although I had some so-so experience with their service policy. I use the 50 mostly for portraits I can't post online, so I'll show some examples of the 35 Art.

    Here it is at f/5.6, which makes a tack sharp shot with just a tiny amount of cream in the background:
    by Markus, on Flickr

    Here is a rather gloomy shot, but IMHO it shows the nice depth you can get when shooting at f/1.4. This lens is capable of a very nice 3D-like look.
    The Claw
    by Markus, on Flickr
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  10. Very nice, Alvin...!

    I like the interior Paramount shots best... :) 
  11. Cool shots, Markus...!

    Can't pick a fave, like them both... :) 
  12. Bohemien


    Mar 29, 2009
    Thanks William! The cow was very relaxed about me jamming the brakes and jumping out of my car to get the shot while she was posing so nicely for portraits... :D 
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  13. Terrific work, Tim...! :) 
  14. Here is my contribution. A few shots each from three different lenses:

    120-300mm Sport:

    20749192012_8e0c0faa46_c. DSC_7960 by Iscariotau, on Flickr

    A: F2.8, SS: 1/2500 FL: 300 ISO: 2500

    20492182680_bbc5203668_c. DSC_7526 by Iscariotau, on Flickr

    A: F2.8, SS: 1/1600 FL: 300 ISO: 2000

    35mm Art:

    10325115865_82ed0c72f2_c. DSC_9331-Edit-Edit by Iscariotau, on Flickr

    A: F2.8, SS: 1/8000 FL: 35mm ISO: 640

    8593768895_7db9b19cc7_c. DSC_4121-1 by Iscariotau, on Flickr

    A: F1.4, SS: 1/200 FL: 35mm ISO: 3600


    9030679565_789c15e83c_c. DSC_5061 by Iscariotau, on Flickr

    A: F1.8, SS: 1/200 FL: 85mm ISO: 5000

    8418190257_e3c2b955ee_c. DSC_3621 by Iscariotau, on Flickr

    A: F1.4, SS: 1/8000 FL: 85mm ISO: 180


    8437343309_491653256b_c. 20130126-DSC_3431 by Iscariotau, on Flickr

    A: F1.4, SS: 1/125 FL: 85mm ISO: 125
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  15. Everyone of these is excellent...! :) 
  16. thanks

    great stuff, been looking at a lens in this range for a while now

    thanks Moony, i love this lens to bits, never part with it
  17. nice to see, it is a fisheye ?
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