The Spider and the Fly...I mean Mosquito

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  1. bill-e


    May 10, 2008
    New Hampshire
    This first shot isn't all that good but I only got one off before the spider claimed his meal. I'm showing this so you can get an idea of now small this spider is. For those interested. I found the web and set up my camera/tripod. I then started swatting mosquitoes as they bit me. I used a tweezer to pick the mosquito from my hand and toss it into the web. Seconds later the spider was out. This is actually a collection of two feeding sessions a few minutes apart.

    Equipment was my D40, Sigma 150 2.8 and my SB800 using one of those Ebay lens mounted screens to diffuse the flash.


    Now he's starting to wrap it.

    If you look closely in this shot you can see the web stringing out of the orifices on it's back end.

    Moves his meal to the center of the web next to the remnants of the first mosquito

    Now it's back to finish up the first one.

    And now it begins sucking the juices out of the mosquito it just wrapped.

    The rest of the set is here.
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