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The sport of Schutzhund

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by BostonRott, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. I just put this in the Sports challenge, as it is a dog sport, but thought those who enjoy dogs might enjoy seeing it here. :smile:

    This is the dog sport of Schutzhund. It was developed by Max von Stephanitz as a breed test for the Deutsch Schafferhund (German shepherd dog). The dog is put through a series of temperament tests, including a portion on tracking (following scent through a field), obedience work, and finally protection work.

    During the protection phase, the dog is only allowed to bite when under a direct threat from the helper. Otherwise, he must find and guard. There is also an extreme amount of control and obedience in this phase of the work. Overall, the dog's willingness to take on danger/threat, his courage and his "heart" are all being tested. This sport is NOT about making dogs "viscious" or into "attack dogs." Many SchH titled dogs are active therapy dogs who absolutely adore anyone they meet. It's all about correct temperament. :smile:

    These photos were taken at the United States Rottweiler Club's national conformation show this past weekend down in PA.

    Please excuse the watermarks, they're there b/c of unscrupulous dog people (not these dog's owners, but other nitwits trying to sell their trash breedings).

    The search of the blinds to find the helper (aka bad guy). The handler is telling her which blind to search next.
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    Bark and hold, out in the field
    View attachment 92508

    The catch after the courage test. Dog is sent the length of a football field, helper is at other end. Just like catching a fast ball, when one catches a fast dog, one must "give" with the dog, and often, this results in the helper rotating around with the dog in mid-air. (Yes, that cut off foot drives me nuts!):smile:
    View attachment 92509

    Driving the dog across the field, while delivering two hits with a padded, flexible, "stick." Again, this tests the dog's courage and nerve. It is the dogs of weak nerve who are fear biters and are often the ones who make the horrific media stories. :frown:
    View attachment 92510
  2. Thank you for this fascinating glimpse into a whole different world! Your photos are wonderful and your explanations outstanding! I had heard the term "Schutzhund" before but wasn't sure what it meant. This was most educational -- thank you!
  3. Thank you Connie! :smile:

    I debated whether or not to post it, as the sport is easily misunderstood and the breed already has a bad enough reputation. But truly, this sport helps weed out the weak dogs, and brings through the ones with good solid temperament. :smile:
  4. A very good friend of mine is a veterinarian and so I've learned a lot from her about the various breeds and about misconceptions around some breeds, etc. One thing which has stood out for me is the importance of good breeding and good training. Thing is, even within a particular breed or particular kennel line, each dog or ***** is going to have its own unique personality and it's very important to work with that from the very get-go. Even the best-tempered dog or *****, though, is just not going to succeed without thorough and appropriate training.

    I'll be seeing my friend this weekend and if we're near the computer I'll pull up this thread to show her, as I know she'll enjoy seeing these images!
  5. WOW! Gretchen these are completely awsome! Thanks for showing us such a wonderful short documentary about dog training! Seeing these makes me miss my "Sandy" sooooo very much! He was my first German Shepard and my best friend! Awsome shots!
  6. Gretchen, I have seen shutzhund trials/pictures with German Shepherd Dogs. Never have I seen something like your photo #3! Totally awesome!

    I have just one GSD left having downsized to PWC;) ) We herd sheep with lots of Rotties.
  7. Hey! My friend to whom I alluded in my post has bred PWC! Now she has just one left, Chloe, and I was privileged enough to be present at the birth of several of Chloe's puppies -- recording everything with my Coolpix 995! Chloe had given birth to I think it was five puppies when it was obvious that she was worn out and struggling, so we loaded her into the car and headed off to the vet clinic. Pam, who is a vet herself, would not do the c-section but had one of her vet friends handle that. On the way to the clinic I was sitting in the back seat with the basket full of newborns and Chloe at my feet. Suddenly she shifted position and plopped her head on my feet. I looked down...looked at her rear and saw something dark and glistening. Took me moment to realize that it was a sac containing another puppy. I yelled, Pam pulled the car over and she tried to rescusitate the wee one.... We got back on the road to the vet clinic and there, Chloe had two more puppies via a C-section. For me that was just the most amazing experience!

    Pam eventually sold the puppies --ah, that was a sad day! -- but kept Chloe and one of the pups for a while, but eventually sold him, too. I've forgotten now what the kennel name is, but Chloe came from champions out of a breeder in Maryland....
  8. GoGo


    Apr 20, 2006
    New York

    Compelling and Dramatic photos here, great explanation.
    But more to the point, your photos are riviting, great work here.
  9. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    Great action shots. Sorry about the cut off foot but it's still a great shot.
  10. Awesome shots. When we were looking for a new Doberman puppy, we visited several Shutzhund shows and trainings. Dogs that compete in this kind of event are well mannered, have even temperment, and are physically "correct" (dog owners will know what I mean there). This event requires extreme discipline on both the owner's and dog's part. It is truly amazing to watch. Well done Gretchen.
  11. Lowolf


    Jan 26, 2006
    great series well done
  12. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Wonderful images and education
    Thank You
  13. Schnauzermom


    Apr 13, 2007
    Awesome shots....
  14. As a canine handle myself I can really appriciate this. Awesome shots!
  15. Thank you Dianne! This sport consumed my life for almost 10 years (until I had Em). It's a lot of fun, and you learn so much about training because it encompases so many different types of work. :smile:

    Yes, it's becoming harder and harder to find good working Rotties, but they are out there. :smile:

    Wow, thank you!!

    Thank you Tojor. It is one of my favorite shots from the weekend.

    Thank you! And yes, you're very correct, SchH really does prove a lot about a dog (structurally, mentally) .... there's a reason I import my dogs from SchH based lines in Germany, Austria and Holland. :biggrin:
  16. Thank you!

    Thanks Gale! It's a sport that is often misunderstood. I could show you dozen of SchH titled dogs who will come off the protection field and curl up in your lap (if you'd like a lap full of 100lbs of dog! hehehehe).

    Glad you liked them! :smile:

    Thank you!! I really do love the working dogs, be they field dogs, scent dogs, herding...whatever. It just fascinates me to watch them. :smile:
  17. Yvette


    Jan 3, 2007
    Great shots Gretchen. I have a friend in New York who has Dobermans that are involved in Schutzhund and I worked with a GSD breeder in Texas who had all imported Schutzhund trained dogs so I have a lot of respect for this sport. I wouldn't want to be on the other end of all that power.
  18. Very cool commentary and pictures, Gretchen. Photos 3 & 4 are outstanding. I'm guessing the first time someone serves as a helper, the courage test doesn't test only the dog. :eek: 
  19. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Very interesting and informative post Gretchen and excellent images. I agree with Dave on the courage of the 'bad guy'. :eek:  :smile:
    Looks scary.:Smoking:
    Are these dogs good with kids???
    Like a loaded gun, one would`nt want them go off in the wrong places.
    Your dedication to training this animal must keep you well in tune with his moods and nuances. Its great to have friends.:redface:
    My best friend Iggy, alias "Ludwig von Tailwag", is a Standard Schnauzer.
    The mad kings a lover, not a fighter....:smile:
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