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The Steel CIty (Pittsburgh)

Discussion in 'Landscapes, Architecture, and Cityscapes' started by thestugots01, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. i dont understand how people view but have nothing to say. i always welcome advice and constructive criticism but i get nothing.
  2. Okay. I viewed it. Frankly it raises no comment in my mind.
  3. I was in Pittsburgh last year for a printing course. It's a very photogenic city.
    You have taken some great shots. It was a good choice to go with B&W.
  4. Mike

    I gather you are having trouble connecting with an audience for your type of photographs on this site.

    Being a simple landscape photographer (hobbyist) I can see that your images are meant more to tell a story / have a point of view; at least that is what I presume. What I like are simple beautiful pictures of mountains, lakes, etc....

    Do not misunderstand me, it's not that I do not have an interest in your type of photos; it's more that I have not yet developed the expertise to add meaningful comments other than as a casual observer / bystander. My comments in that context are therefore:

    - It looks to me that you are describing the lonely / rule oriented / cold aspects of the city at night
    - I wonder why you have blown the highlights on the church stairs in the third image
    - Not really sure I understand the sign (6th image) but it seems to be describing happiness and shows trees and other country based images i.e. non city

    I have often tried to take pictures of small towns to help describe them in terms of physical appearance; you appear to be describing the "feel" of the Pittsburgh at night.

    This is an area I do not know much about but would definitely be interested in learning. Help me understand what you are trying to say please as I need some development.

  5. I apoligize if I came across rude. I truely enjoy hearing the truth of the pictures I take. It helps everyone think about what they shot and how they could of done it better, and what they have done wrong. There are many member of this forum that forgot more when they woke up this morning than I will ever know, that is why I truely appreciate any piece of mind you all can give me. Thanks again!!
  6. Ok in the first picture, in my head I imagined what it looked like on a city sidewalk at night. you see many people that are lonely, not knowing which move to make next. that was my idea for the first

    For the second picture it once again shows a park with nobody around. a simple bench can mean a place to sleep for the less fortunate.

    For the third picture the idea was to show that in darkness, light is always near. thats why you will see the church stairs the way they are.

    i just liked the structure of the fourth there was no basis for the picture only appreciation for the sight.

    for the fifth picture the point of it is just plain and simple. one ways, closed roads, dead ends, its the story of our life.

    for the sixth i just truely admired the scenery. that was painted on a wall at the art institute in down town pittsburgh. i looked at it and thought i couldnt agree more, peace, happiness, and joy is what we all need!

    for the seventh, once again no point really, i just appreciated the structure. and same with the last picture.
  7. By the way this is to OUTDOORS. you said your thing is landscapes and nature so how about this

  8. Don't Forget the Critique Requested Icon


    I don't think you came across as rude, just disappointed.Your expectation was that this site, which appears highly regarded, would provide you the feedback you were looking for.

    Being a newbie here also, I too find that sometimes I wish I could get more honest / detailed feedback on my images, but in some ways you have to find an audience for the type of images you like and build up some relationships with others interested in the same type. You can do this by providing constructive feedback on their images when you see them and by thanking them for their feedback when they do the same. This sometimes takes a little patience. You should use the icon I have attached to indicate you definitely would like feedback!

    I have no idea what you have already done in this regard; so I hope I am not saying something you already have tried. If so, I would encourage you to keep doing it. I suspect that you can find a group of folks who like the same type of images you do and you can move on from there by helping each other out. I couldn't help but notice an image (not landscape) but one which was more about the circumstances / situation than about the "beauty" of the image itself. So you can find them in many of the forums, it was:



    Thanks for the detailed account of what you were trying to get in each shot of your thread entitled "The Steel City (Pittsburgh)". If I was showing pictures to describe the feelings you were trying to describe, I may not include those which don't reinforce the idea in the same place. Sort of like a written story with some interesting information in the middle, which bear no significants to the story. i.e. the last two images only confuse me in terms of your "statement". Perhaps if the church was the last image I would have said so this is the answer to loneliness in the city at night.

    My thoughts for now. Thank you for getting me going on this type of image, I hope you can think of me when you post in the future and include what you are trying to do. Think of it as tips for "dummies".

    In regards to your landscape picture the falls:

    two things:
    - I would like to see just a little more context (i.e. not cropped quite as much). I am finding cropping to be an art in itself and am trying to improve my skills; to each his own
    - Looks like you processed the image very well or shot it that way in the first place as the details of the image are well defined i.e. green moss, bare wet rock, flowing water are clearly distinguished
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2017
  9. Couple things I see in the landscape. Overall pretty nice. It appears the focus was on the water itself and you werent looking for DOF. I might have tried a slightly faster shutter speed and I would clone/crop the leaves hanging in the air on the right most side.
  10. dt6366


    Dec 19, 2006
    New Jersey

    I often wonder what the photographer was/is thinking when he takes these types , or any type of shot. Thanks for detailing them for us.

    Nice Job

  11. Thank you very much for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated!! i shot the little water fall like it is, i didnt really crop much at all!! although i agree cropping is most definetly an art of its own. sorry for not getting back about your post. my business has left me with not much time for anything..i wish i was on vacation, but im not unfortunately!
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2017
  12. Mike

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. One of the good things about being retired is that I get to do what I want to do most of the time, not always driven by what I have to do.
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