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Featured They're Still at It.

Discussion in 'Birds' started by bobbyv, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. Our most photographed Great Blue Heron couple. There are 4 nests within 50 yards of each other but this is the only one that's been active every day. Shot yesterday morning at Viera, FL. D7200, 200-500 VR handheld. I've just about decided to keep shooting my D7200 bodies for now rather than buy a new gripped D500 body, with the $$$ to go towards another D7200 and a 16-80VR. (Feel free to talk me out of it or tell me I'm crazy.)

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    2. The Scrub Jays are always around, and not far from the wetlands. Shot this young one on the way to Viera.
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    3. Preening Sandhill Crane in West Cocoa.
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  2. Amin Sabet

    Amin Sabet Administrator Administrator

    Feb 25, 2017
    Boston, MA (USA)
    These are stunning, especially the heron couple. Wow.
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  3. That second shot is a killer Bobby, nice work!

    I think your judgement is sound regarding the camera bodies. The D500 is a great camera, but if you're fine with the viewfinder in the D7200, and don't have any issues with its AF and buffer, why spend the money on a camera body? Getting an identical backup, and the excellent 16-80 is a good idea, especially since you can pick up both of those used for only a bit more than a used D500 body goes for.
  4. I like all 3.
  5. Another amazing set, Bobby. That first shot is awesome as is the detail on the crane. Nicely done.
  6. All three are beautiful Bobby. First class feather detail. The D500 will up your BIF game substantially. I love mine (2) but in many ways miss my D7200. One thing is for sure. Whatever you decide in terms of your DX body, I'd hang on to the 200-500 (y).
  7. the D7200 is a very good camera but it doesn't compare to a D500 in AF, handling, and FPS. With the flood of $1100 mint copies I wouldn't get another D7200

    there I tried....

    o, btw, nice set
  8. Replytoken


    Jan 12, 2018
    Puget Sound
    Great shots! And in nice sunny and warm weather to boot. It has been very rainy and gray here in the PNW these past few days. I was hoping to get out to shoot, but that may not happen for a few days.

  9. Well, I DID say "just about". I may end up with one in the Spring for 'Gator farm bif shots.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
  10. Thanks. I shot Scrub Jay chicks last Spring and I believe this is one of them. Yeah...that D500 is nice..................
  11. Thanks Ken. I'll be there Friday for a week, in Bremerton for a family visit. 'Doubt it'll be 80 and sunny like it was here today, but it's OK, I look forward to the experience up there.
  12. Bobby.........GREAT shots for sure !!! I too was a D7200 shooter but a couple of months ago opted to a new D7500. Can't tell any difference from 24mp to 20mp but sure is nice to have 8fps instead of the D7200's 6. Use it mainly on a 300pf for flying objects. Have a D500 for the 500mm E. FYI. Happy shooting !!!
  13. Thanks Allan. You heading down here any time soon?
  14. What awesome set Bobby, stunning images.
  15. Replytoken


    Jan 12, 2018
    Puget Sound
    I do not believe the weather is supposed to clear up for the next few days, so I'd prepare for some gray, rainy days and you will not be disappointed. I suspect that this is the beginning of swans and geese migrating through the region, and the Skagit valley is a nice place head to if your schedule permits. There is a Bremerton bakery that has been getting rave reviews that you may want to consider if you like pastry. Here is their link: https://saboteurbakery.com/ .

    Safe travels,

  16. Absolutely stunning set Bobby!

    No matter what camera you use, I am sure your photos will be fantastic.
  17. Judging from the quality of these amazing shots, I think that any decision you make re: upgrading or not will be the right one. Another wow on the first shot!!
  18. February
  19. All three are wonderful, but the 1st is very special. Would love to see it printed large. Easily could see it as a poster or book cover on nature photography. Well done... I think Nikon just found a new ambassador for Nature Photography.
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