thin or normal filters for 18-200mm VR?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott Sherman, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. I have read some threads in which some users of the 18-200mm VR lens are saying that they are getting some vignetting. I am guessing, but it could be because of a UV or clear filter placed over the lens. Has anyone had this experience here and if so are you using a regular sized filter. There are some slim UV filters available but at a premium price. Or a step up ring could work but that makes the lens hood unusable. I like the idea of a step up ring to use my 77mm CP filter on the 18-200 also so I will probably get one anyway.

    I have decided it is better to have a protective filter, so given that, does anyone have any thoughts?
  2. I have one..and it doesn't seem to be the filter. It happens at all focal lengths....especially at 200mm. If it was the filter it would only happen at wide angle. It's a flaw of the design, however if you shoot at f8 or above when you have a flat image it goes away. Basically in my opinion the benefits of this lens out-way it's problems. It does have really nice color, the VR works real well (I can shoot 200mm down to 1.6th of a second sharp), and it's a light carry. it doesn't replace my 17-55 or 70-200VR, but then it's not supposed to. It does replace my 24-120VR real nice. By the way I did a couple of quick tests against the Tamron and the Nikon kills it.

  3. Thanks for your input Geno, I wasn't clear if you have a filter on your's or if the lens just has that tendancy without the filter. Do you keep a filter on it all the time and if so do you find that this adds to the vignetting?

  4. I have a regular BW MRC 010 on it all the time. I have checked it without the filter and it makes no difference. One really nice thing about this lens is the color matches the 12-24 perfectly. Between the two you can do almost anything.

  5. Well I decided to pick up a 72mm Hoya Pro 1 which is considered thin but also has threads on the front so it will hold the lens cap. From all I have read the Pro 1 series meets or exceeds Nikon filters. I also picked up a 72mm to 77mm step up ring adopter so that I could use my Circular Polarizar filter with investing in another of these expensive babies. I ordered them from B&H so they won't be here until next week (year). If anyone is interested, I'll report back, I will have both Nikon and Hoya to compare.
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