Thinking of coming back, but having a bit of trouble with the lenses

Jun 15, 2008
Boynton Beach, FL
About a year and a half ago I moved over to Canon a 40D from a D200. From there I went 50D, and now 5D Mark 1. Im at the point where I want to upgrade to either the 5D Mark 2 or the Nikon D700. I know about the pluses and minuses of both bodies so Im not going there, but Im leaning heavily toward the D700 for its AF and ISO performance. Dont care too much about video.

The problem is my lenses. I have the almost holy trinity prime set in Canon: 35L, 85mm 1.8, 135L. Selling these will get me roughly $2200. I would like to duplicate this set in Nikon but the only combination I can come up with for the price is the 35mm f2, 85mm f1.4, and 135mm f2. Here are my concerns. In switching over, I give my beloved 35L (but gain a better 85mm) and I lose the AF motor in everything.

Just looking for some thoughts here. I mostly take portraits, candids, and environmental portaits if this helps. Thanks.
Sep 10, 2008
Toronto, CANADA
Do you really care about the AF motor in the lens for portraits, candids and environmental portraits?

I always suggest it's hard to justify switching camps when you have a solid investment in glass. Unless you can find someone interested in making the opposite swap - or you bought your gear REALLY smart and used, it usually involves a financial sacrifice.

Having said that, the Nikon 135 is fantastic, and the 85/f1.4 is outstanding... both for your purposes. Or if you like MF, you won't beat the Zeiss 100/f2 and 35/f2 for sheer IQ, and they offer an 85 as well. Okay, they cost a little more.

I'd rent a setup with the D700, and one or two of those lenses, and see if you can get by without an AF motor, and then compare to your 5D. Rental fees sure beat losing money only to realize you miss your old gear.
Mar 15, 2010
I don't think you can compete with that glass for the same price going to nikon. The 85 and 135 maybe, but from what I've read I wouldn't expect the 35 f/2 to perform like the canon.

Less expensive canon primes really make me want to switch, but I know it's a grass is greener situation.

Why not wait for 5dii replacement?
Dec 17, 2007
I think I would buy it this way:
Nikon AFS 35/1.4G $1500 (used)
Sigma 85/1.4 ($700 used)
nikon af180/2.8 ($400 used) or perhaps skip the telephoto altogether.
Or an old afd80-200/2.8 ($400-500 used)

For $2600 have beautiful glass with AF motors integral in two of your main lenses.
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