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Discussion in 'Birds' started by TOLady, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. I've subscribed to Arthur Morris' Birds as Art bulletins for a while now and I've learned a lot. One of the things he stressed was to look at the overall picture - does it convey what you saw? Does it give motion to the bird. I've seen pictures of his that I would normally have rejected without reading his explanation of why he thought it was a good picture. I also would have rejected this picture before reading his wise words. This pic portrays exactly what was going on at the time. This swan was bathing in the late light and he really kicked up a lot of water. Because he's blurred due to movement, I would normally have turfed it. After the Arthur Morris bird lesson, I looked inside the picture, not at it. Yes, this picture is EXACTLY what was going on at the time. Thank you Arthur.
    So folks, think OUTSIDE the box.
  2. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005

    The light and the movement that you captured are magical! I'm glad you saved this's really nice.
  3. Jerrold


    May 7, 2005
    London, UK

  4. JordanLFW

    JordanLFW Guest

    Wow, I can't imagine pitching that. It really is an excellent artsy shot.

    My eye immediately went tothe busy, almost scratchlike water to the left of the birds head and then to the smaller drops in the top right corner.
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  6. Thanks Leigh, I thought it has magic too! The way the sunlight glistens through the flying water droplets... glad you like it.

    Glad you like it, Jarrold.

    Jordan, thanks so much. I have to start looking at my shots with an artist's eye rather than a tech eye - I'm sure I've turfed a few that I shd have kept if I had a different viewpoint. The capture came about because I still had it set for F16 which slowed down the shutter speed - just enough, I think. Cheers, S
  7. Sandi that's an awesome shot! I've never seen water captured in quite that way....fantastic.

    I get the Birds as Art bulletin too, and have learned a lot from Artie--even if he does have a certain Canon bias :)
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