Third Party MB-D200?

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by jbear, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. Has anybody seen or tried these? They're going for around $100 on the auction site. I am wondering if its junk or worthwhile.
  2. Hey JBear! I think the FotoDiox "Pro" series with the built in long-exp meter might be useful, but I'm still skeptical and the $200 price tag doesn't exactly make me excited about it either.
  3. Thanks...I think I may just get an MBD200 unless someone says the thirds are just as good.
  4. I think if you look around you can get the MB-D200 for a pretty good deal, I recently got mine for $120 shipped/paypalled which is close enough to make 3rd parties useless.
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    3rd party vs. OEM MB-D200

    The biggest difference between Nikon and 3rd party battery/grips is this:

    The Nikon MB-D200 will auto-switch between the two batteries, and the 3rd party design (two that I've seen so far) require manual switchover.

    If you use the D200 for long-sequence time-lapse, unattended, then the 3rd party grip does nothing for you. The Nikon MB-D200 doubles the time lapse sequence length, in this case.

    Now for lots of you, this is a "don't care". For me, this is one of the only cases that I really really want/need to use the MB-D200.

    - Bob Elkind