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This is incredible, Check it out !!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phyer Phyter, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Now this is incredible and it is not an April Fools thing see all 3 videos. I wanna know when this hits the market...
  2. Incredible is right!

    I would love to see us all drastically less dependent on oil it in my lifetime.
  3. Chris Pierce

    Chris Pierce Guest

    Can you imagine what a better world this would be if we didn't have to depend on fossil fuels to heat our homes or power our cars.
  4. Incredible yes, a little too much so.

    I read {skimmed} his patent, and well, guess anybody can get a patent.

    Here's an interesting review on the same technology
  5. vettenut


    Feb 27, 2006
    Tolland CT
    He probably has every oil company ready to pay him not to utilize his process:biggrin: - Jeff
  6. Looks more like a scam
  7. There may be something to it; the article mentioned that others are evaluating their system. If he can get some investors to fund further development, that would be the start of a good litmus test. The person writing in AndyE's link seems like an internet peanut gallery if there ever was one.

    Remember, it was Thomas Edison who argued against AC current - if everyone had listened to him instead of Tesla we'd have DC power.
  8. Actually been around a lot longer then that.

    If, this concept didn't use more energy then it creates, it apparently is a gas that becomes explosive at low pressures.

    It's formally known as Brown's gas, and it was debunked years ago. New set of investors, LOL I tried to find some link between Dennis Lee and Denny Klein. Couldn't find one in the 10 minutes I devoted to searching. The claims are nearly identical.

    My favorite statement is the ability to weld any material to any other material.

    There are those that believe DC current would have been more efficient use of energy, but we'll never know how large scale would have worked :) 
  9. In the scientific & engineering fields you look for repeatability and concurrence by one's peers which this apparently does not have. It sounds suspiciously like the 50 mpg V8 automobile carburetor that the auto and oil industries were trying to suppress that I heard about as a teenager.

    Personally I am fascinated with the advanced hydrogen production model that is being perfected in Iceland. Their almost endless supply of geothermal energy to produce hydrogen gas puts them in an enormously lucrative position; and good for them! I think the fuel cell will be the winner.

  10. Yes, as Brown's gas it's been around a lot longer than that, I was referring to the 'possibility' of applying it to the automotive industry.

    Then again, the automotive industry has given us wonderful little surprises over the years. All the streetcar systems in all the cities in USA were eventually bought up by a conglomerate which consisted of the auto manufacturers, the oil industry and the rubber manufacturing industry. They were eventually all shut down, all for the purpose of encouraging automotive sales. Hmmmmmm.... Nothing would surprise me anymore.
  11. HappyFish


    Oct 19, 2006
    Its really simple. Want to save the planet? Use less gas? Less of everything else? USE BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The more digging I do into this the more it seems like a manipulative hoax. The link phecksel posted has some pretty good arguments against this.

    Just as a side note... Did you know that for every gallon of gas you burn in your car, you produce a gallon of water?
  13. Never knew that, never even thought to ask the question... For those that want to run through the math, found this interesting link
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