This may be the event where the new flagship Nikon is launched

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pradipta Dutta, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. At a track event? I don't know about that....
  2. They did that for D2H back in 2003.
  3. Aha...I see the connection now.
  4. Have to disagree :smile:
    I have been watching some of the [British] Open golf tournament today with Nikon signs at the back of every tee.
    As a result, because I am a Nikon man and only stray occasionally with a 3rd party * dalliance, my * lust has been re-ignited but, I am sad to say, a few cold showers and a glance at my bank balance solved the problem.
    Surely Nikons support of the IAAF Meeting is consistent with their support of sporting excellence. It's an old, but sound, marketing ploy.
    A completely different scene is needed for a major product announcement.
    As it is their 90th anniversary it must be in Japan and is likely to follow formal [old fashioned ?] practice. The most important thing is to allow all the journalists in through one way doors...and then let them out through the single guarded exit when they have been wined, dined and INFORMED...and allowed to 'taste' the product.
    Others may disagree :smile:
  5. You should note that I never said that Nikon might *announce* at this event. Instead, I said, Nikon might launch, which will be like having a gala show of the new model with tons of Nikon sports shooters having free access to the new camera. Actual announcement might come a few days earlier at specially organized event or something. Nikon did exact that back in 2003 during the announcement/launch of D2H.

    None of this might actually happen. But given Nikon's fetish for big sporting events, I would lean toward it.
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