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  1. Wanted to get the models to cut loose and goof around, in everything from one face closeups to cocktail parties. I did not want to be moving and re-setting lights constantly, talk about mood killers... So I picked a setup where the main light was very soft and direct; the fill light was close enough to main in brightness that if people were added, for those on the left, the fill became main, the main, fill; and put an umbrella up above to the right to catch highlights in the models hair, since two of them had very, very dark hair and would tend to disappear into the background. Here's a picture of it.


    The model working area was delimited by a nice rug. Next time it'll be a black rug, I have had to deal with it in post-processing more than I thought, since I shot more full length stuff than I thought I would.

    Here's how the lights worked, from face to party.

    The scream. You can see me in the catchlight standing in the octagon.

    If someone faced left or up, I got two catchlights.

    But, it worked, they could mess around and play, and all I had to worry about was were they all fitting in the frame, like this one...probably a dozen takes...

    These guys were hams, and sparkplugs for everyone else. If I had to move lights around, the energy would disappear.


    Made GREAT glamour lighting.

    The light colored suit reflected light from the overhead light onto the backdrop. Worked for this shot, gives me a post-processing headache for others.

    I call this "the porn site" shot. We did probably 20 wild images on that theme as fast as the lights would recharge, with the four people swapping in and out with ideas.

    In the end, it's all compromises, I think. I sit here and think of "the perfect lighting" for each image, but working with amateur models, I'd never have gotten any image if I'd worked for the perfect lighting.

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