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Thoroughbred racetrack (pics)80-200 AF-S

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by carauction, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Shots taken at Belmont racetrack. Peek-a-boo and late day sun.

    D3 & 80-200 AF-S

    Thank you for looking, C&C most welcome....Mike

    click on image for larger view

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    crop of #2
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  2. Photo Matt

    Photo Matt

    Nov 5, 2007
    Nice shots. This could arguably be one of Nikon's all-time best lenses, and it just doesn't get enough love around here. Lot of AF-D and 70-200VR users, it seems.
  3. Thanks Matt.

    Couldn't agree with you more about this lens. I think the next step up from here is $4,000.

    I have never yet to see C/A with this lens..and I shoot high contrast scenes.

  4. Beautiful Mike. I love the way the sun is striking the horse and accenting highlights. Wonderful lighting. Too bad you can't take credit for that. :biggrin:
  5. Thanks Robert.

    I can take credit for capturing the late day light. I have a special Custom WB stored in my D3 that retains accurate color in all sunshine. A simple custom WB from a grey card will not retain all that beautiful late day warmth without having to fiddle with it in post. I learned it from someone on the Fujiufilm DPreview forum.

    Would be happy to pass the simple process along.

  6. Mike,

    These are excellent captures. Does the custom WB work for a D300? Ive only had my 80-200 AFS for a little over a month and I am still getting used to it. I always shoot handheld so I am getting better with the lens but feel I might be able to squeeze a little more IQ with some better technique. Also, I have decided to start concentrating on getting proper exposure which should hopefully get me some better results. At any rate, these are awesome and I look forward to your track shots whenever I see them posted. Thanks

  7. I'd be very interested in seeing the CWB setting Mike.
  8. Custom WB to capture the ambient sunlight

    Thanks to claypaws dpreview Fujifilm DSLR forum:

    claypaws wrote:

    "I use a CWB but I do NOT set it for each shot. I completely disagree with taking a a CWB on each shot since it takes out all the colour of the ambient light. As Puddleduck says, it is useless at golden hour. I also would never use AWB, for the same reason.
    This is what I do and I suggest you try it.

    Wait for a cloudy overcast day. You want a bright but cloudy sky. There must be no blue sky. The sun must not be visible. But it should not be about to rain.

    Take a CWB outside on that cloudy day, using a Kodak grey card. Store that CWB in one of your CUS settings. Then use that stored CWB for all your outdoor shooting and for flash too.

    It will allow you to capture the ambient light rather than neutralize it. It is great for the "golden hour". It becomes like a preset balance but it is better than any of the manufacturer presets. It is better than AWB and it is better than taking a new CWB for each shot"

  9. Thanks Eddie. Be happy to exchange notes with you re; 80-200 technique.

  10. Is it possible to get the CWB from another image, if one could not wait to have a cloudy day?
  11. Nope, gotta wait. It is all about algorithms and all that kinda stuff. The witches brew:smile: In all seriousness, you should wait for optimum conditons to shoot the CWB.

  12. ultimind


    May 13, 2007
    Cleveland, OH
    *Looks out the window* Hey! It's becoming a bright cloudy day today :biggrin: I may have to give this a try.
  13. carauction :

    Your pictures are simply wonderful. The combo <d3+80-200afs> is looking really good. Ofcourse, credit goes to the photog, You !

    Thanks for posting your WB trick.

  14. Photo Matt

    Photo Matt

    Nov 5, 2007
    The custom white balance can be saved to the memory card. That'd be a very e-mailable file. I know I'D be interested in giving that one a try. Something to think about maybe, Mike?
  15. The file could be emailed but one person's CWB is not going to be what works for another, if I'm understanding it correctly. Mike has created a CWB that works for late afternoon light on his camera in that light.
  16. Photo Matt

    Photo Matt

    Nov 5, 2007

    This all led me to believe it was an all-purpose outdoor setting for any day, but maybe this is one of those "you can never put too much water in a nuclear reactor" situations. Wait - should I add water because no amount is too much, or should I never add too much water?

    You could always just shoot RAW and deal with it later, though the "deal with it later" approach didn't really work out at Chernobyl.

    Man, you gotta be careful with your camera settings I guess.
  17. Wow

    Beautiful captures, I have to agree that it is such a superb lens I would have bought it instead of the 70-200/2.8 VR if I didn't do event photography where the VR becomes an essential tool to have - all other times the VR is off...

    I tried a push pull 80-200 and was amazed at the color rendition and bokeh - the 70-200 does not quite deliver such great colors, it is a great lens but not amazing like the 80-200 is but... what do I know?

    Once again superb images.
  18. Using this Cloudy WB as a preset Custom WB, it is meant to give a more accurate reflectance of the existing ambient light than a regular Custom WB would give. It can be used in sunlight during all times of the day. A Custom white balance taken with a gray card for the existing scene, will neutralize the sunlight instead of giving you a nicer color that does actually exist.

    This Custom WB is meant to be originally shot, and used with your respective camera. Not to be e-mailed or anything like that. This witches brew is meant to be shot correctly and used with your camera, not transferred.

    In very dark cloudy scenes, a regular CustomWB is said to give you a better color than this Cloudy WB. As mentioned, it is to be used in all sunlight and flash as per the author(sorry Robert, I did not create this).

    Hey listen, there are no guarantees with this. I have not used this since my Fuji S3 days. But it seems to be working nice. Try it...you may like it...just don't come looking for me if it doesn't work out:biggrin:

    As the saying goes...your mileage may vary.

    Any questions please ask.

  19. Thanks for clarifying Mike. At least I was right in my assumption that it was not a generic file that can be passed around with everyone getting the same results.

    I'm going to have to give this a try sometime.
  20. Thank you.

    I told this story before. My old 80-200 AF-D two ring had a problem. It was not repairable, so Nikon was kind enough to replace it with this refurbished 80-200AF-S. They gave me a choice to take the 80-200AF-S or the 70-200VR...the rest is history:smile:

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