Those Crazy Pelicans And a few Others

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Desert Rat, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Here are a few more images from recent outings.. Finally got to processing them... Have a few questions about the Pelican shots... :eek: :biggrin:

    In a few of the pelican shots how would I remove what appearsto be a bit more red that I would like? It was at the golden hour but they turned a bit red...

    Advice or critiques or comments??

    Them Mallards

    Big Fish

    Sunday Outing with Helmet155

    Ahh The Water SJWC

    Group Photo Egret and Pelicans SJWC

    Gonna Get Run Over

    Formation Landing

  2. I have one similar to the 4th one (outspread wings)...check my new smugmug thread...

    I love the cormorant...that is really nice!
  3. bfjr

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    all nice Eric.
    A little warm maybe, if it was me I'd just chk my WB in NC. Find a neutral (or something that should be neutral) as a reference and chk that RGB channels are similar. That's what I try and do.
  4. OMG! How does that cormorant get that thing down his throat? Great catch, for both of you!!
  5. Don't know, but that Cormorant did swallow the thing .. Problem is they were not all that sharp...