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Those who dropped D70 for D1/2 series - ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JerseyJay, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. If you went from D70 (or equivalent) to D 1 / 2 series and you kept the smaller body, what is the USAGE ratio between two. I know it all depends what, how and when you shoot but if you have to provide general feedback, what would it be ?

    I'm thinking about D 2 series and I'm curious how long I would actually need the smaller brother to stick around. I really enjoy D70 b/c of Flash Sync Speed 1/500 and wireless TTL commander/remote mode. It is really useful in aquatic / fish photography.

    What were they thinking building D2X's with 1/250 ?.

    So, back to original question. Share your experience.
  2. I moved from the D100 to the D2H and literally quit using the D100. I really liked the D100 but there is something about the feel of the D2H and the ease of use, plus all the options available that just keep me glued to the D2H. I should probably put my D100 up for sale.
  3. bpetterson

    bpetterson Guest

    You will enjoy the D70 with the built in flash for its small size, light wgt for a carry around camera.

    With the D1, D2, or D2X you will need a bag to carrry everything you need.

    Well sync 1/250 can be increased to 1/8000 I think with reduced distance.
    D1X has 1/500.

    I gave my D100 to my daughter and will get a D200 when it comes out.

  4. With the FP option on the D2 bodies you can remove the 250/sec limitation although you do weaken the flash about 2 f stops. I have shot flash up to 1/8000.
  5. I too went from a D100 to a D2H. The only time that I've used the D100 since was after some surgery when I was allowed to lift more then 10 pounds. I've kept the D100 as a back-up and my wife uses it when she wants something better then her P&S. Having the built-in flash was really nice and I do miss that, but that's about it.
  6. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    I have the D2h and use it most of the time. But I got the wife a D70 for xmas and somehow ended up getting a second D70 for free!!! A lot of times I will take the D70 with me when I go to the park with my little girl. It's small and light and it was FREE, so if I set it down and my little girl kicks a soccer ball over it, my heart does not stop...well not for long anyways.

    Plus I toss the D70 in the car and have it as an "Always carry a camera" camera.
  7. Hi Jay,

    Keep the D70. I think it still makes a better studio camera with a true 1/500 flash sync. I don't like the FP mode on the D2 series, it isn't a true hi-speed flash sync.

    Also I find lugging around D2 body gets tiresome for those casual family shots, friends, pets, etc. Sometimes a smaller camera is a plus!

    If not, sell it and buy some more glass!
  8. gho


    Feb 7, 2005
    I acutally use my D70 more than I use my D2h. One of the reasons is that high x-sync speed as Jonathan mentioned.
  9. Lars Troels

    Lars Troels Guest

  10. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    I use my D2H exclusively for my birdie shooting, but I do still use the D70 for hiking (almost every weekend), for shooting at family gatherings where I can use the internal flash, and for such goofy things as moon shots, where the 6MP resolution does make a difference.

    I also would have been dead in the water without my D70 when I had to send the H in to get the metering fixed. It was a true life saver.
  11. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    I will give up my D100 - NEVER!!!

    Or until I can afford a new model. ;) 
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