Thoughts on initial price point - How did you go about it?

May 4, 2007
So. Cal
A friend of mine hosted an athletic event on the 4th and I asked him if would be interested in having me shoot it. No contract was drawn up or signed. He wanted images he could use on his Facebook wall. I'd say I was there about 3 hours (give or take). I shot 222 RAW images and narrowed them down to about 64. I think I invested a couple hours work total including cropping and any editing.

At the end of the event, he mentioned something about paying me. Since I pretty much figured we were doing each other a favor, I mentioned that he could toss me a few t-shirts and we'd be all good. He came back with "Naw...we'll pay you a fair rate". I would have even bartered for a few free sessions at his facility. But now I guess I had better come up with a rate. Right now I just shoot for the enjoyment and the practice and he was giving me that opportunity. I mean the money could be put toward bills. That always helps. I post images but no one has ever asked for one.

As the photographer, I guess I can decide what can be done with the images. If I have no issues with giving him what I think are the best ones and him doing whatever he wants with them, it's all on me correct?

But I do wonder if at some point down the road, one or more of those images end up a promotional flyer used to drum up more business. I'd like to get some sort of credit or acknowledgement in the event someone asks.

The decision now is what to charge (I have no idea how much) and what rights does he have after payment is made? Does he own them free and clear? Are there stipulations as to how they are to be used? There are no proofs. There was no discussion about how many final edited images he would get. Whatever he ends up with is what he gets. He just wanted lo-res shots for his business' Facebook page.

Any input would be great.

Jan 13, 2006
Columbia, Maryland
Real Name
Walter Rowe
I have a $150/hr base rate I charge for certain kinds of events. I figure I will spend as much time processing as I do shooting, so it really ends up being $75/hr. Figure your 3 hrs x $150 is $450. For that you can hand over digital, watermarked copies. Write up a license agreement that only permits the uses you discussed, and states that any additional uses will require a new license agreement and corresponding license fees based on the new uses.

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