Thoughts on my new D3

Apr 5, 2008
Middletown, NY
Just sold my D300, and have put only 300 shots on my D3. I am shooting uncompressed raw, at least for now. Large 25MB files. If I am not mistaken, my old Fuji S3's RAF raw files were also 25MB.

Needless to say, when adjusting the files they look like a large wave that is moving in the ocean. Shooting in raw, you can appreciate the large DR contained in the files. The Fuji S3 produced a wide DR(if manually set) with jpegs. You could set the dual sensors of the Fuji to produce a wide or normal DR before shooting. I have not shot many jpegs with the D3, but I am sensing that you must pull out the DR in Raw. While the Fuji S3 produced a wide DR right out of the camera.

At ISO 200, I can notice a very smooth, noise free file. With an abundance of detail. Not quite as sharp as the D300, but unquestionable noise free as compared to the D300. A sharper lens shows itself with the D3.

The D3 produces an amazing 3D effect that I have not seen with any of my previous DSLR's(D50, D70S, D300, Fuji S3, Sigma SD9, Sigma SD10). The only thing I wish the D3 files had was the infinite resolve of the Sigma foveon sensor. Where the Bayer sensor stops resolving detail in the trees located way in the background, the foveon continues to resolve. The combination of the D3's FF sensor, and the natural continuous foveon resolve would produce an unbelievable image.

Last but not least, the amazing focus system of the D3. Don't know how much was improved with the latest firmware upgrade, but I have never felt such on the money, concrete response before. I have never shot with the old F5 or F5 film camera, but have heard so much about their great focus system. Wondering how the D3 compares.

Forgot to mention how I love the feel and balance of my first Pro DSLR. Nothing like it.

Jan 11, 2006
Clearwater, Florida
nice thoughts, mike
believe me... you'll fall in love more and more with the D3 every time you shoot
can't wait to read some updates of your thoughts soon

good luck

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