Thoughts on potential FX camera purchase D6xx or D800/800E?

Jan 12, 2018
Puget Sound
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KEH never answered my last 4 requests
Also their website mention that if your sign in for their newsletter you will get a 5% discount on your first order ( they said they will sent you a code to enter while checking out your order , well they never sent a code !!!!!) ...and i receive their news letter everyday !!!
I am sorry, and this is good to know. I sold gear to them before MPB was around and the sale went fine. But there was very little communication with them during the process. These days, I work with the used buyer at a local camera store. I know that I am leaving money on the table by not selling it myself, but he is often able to get me a good price on used equipment, and they warrant their sales, so I am okay with the tradeoffs. But I will know keep your KEH experiences in my mind when asked about where to buy/sell. I hope you finally get things worked out. Hassles like this do go away, but they are quite annoying.

Dec 27, 2010
Sounds like you got a good deal. Based on my experience with, I would suggest you check the shutter count.

About two years ago I bought a camera from them that was advertised as having 7500 shutter count. When I received it, it had over 14,00 and was faulty. After several back and forth e-mails I finally got a camera like it with only 434 shutter actuations, but it was a very fraught transaction.

I've had several good experiences with them, but you do need to be careful.
I did check the shutter count and it was as advertised. The photos matched the camera I received as well. Only thing that was not disclosed (and because I didn't think to investigate before purchase) was the fact that it was a gray market unit. I have decided to keep the unit regardless as it is literally in virtually new condition and I have the six month warranty with MPB should I have any issues. I also contacted APS directly and they assured me that for the time being they have a comfortable supply of Nikon parts for repairs and are of course still able to do the normal clean/lubricate/adjust type service. Given the reliability I have experienced with my D7000 and my D7100 I'm confident it shouldn't have an issue for the foreseeable future and that APS will still be able to help if the need arises.

I have been checking out some lenses there as well as other camera bodies and noticed in a number of instances where they had incorrect photos for the lenses and photos of camera bodies listed as "excellent" that looked like they were dragged behind a truck. When I received my survey email I responded about the gray market body and the incorrect photos. We'll see if they take notice.
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