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Jan 25, 2005
First of all I am very disappointed that the thread in question evolved the way it did.

1. People had the right to agree.

2. People had the right to disagree.

NO ONE has the right to get to the point where we are insulting one another here at the cafe it doesn't matter if its publically or via private message. This should have been a healthy debate on forum behaviour, ethics, and posting techniques.

Folks, we are all supposed to get along here. Regardless of popular belief on free speech I'm not going to allow behavior like I saw. I will not name any names but all parties involved should know better and be able to conduct themselves like professionals. There is absolutely no need for sarcasm, berating, insults, or anything of that matter.

I know a good amount of the people on this forum either by email, pm, or just threads and know that the people here are good at heart.

Lets not let this happen again and get back to what we love to do. Take pictures. Get out there and take photos, that's what we are here for.

This community has some of the best people I have ever been associated with. We can all exercise common courtesy and do the right thing without there needing to be any banning, deleting of posts, or heavy moderation.

If you feel like responding to this thread I expect it to remain civil!

In case anyone needs clarification.



n 1: formal or perfunctory politeness [ant: incivility] 2: the act of showing regard for others [syn: politeness]

Thanks to all.

Removed User 2

Well said. Let's all force ourselves, even if it's sometimes hard, to be nice to each other.

Come on... :)
May 4, 2005
Western Washington
I wasn't here for this. That is unfortunate though that there had to be heavy moderation and things. I hope everything goes smoother for the cafe for now on.
May 28, 2005
Toronto, Canada
I haven't followed the thread except for the first post and i thought it was a great list of suggestions. i did not know it degenerated to a point wherein it necessitated to be removed.
May 5, 2005
Somewhere in the Oklahoma woods
I've been "away" for a while. Glad I missed it. That's exactly why I removed the dpreview shortcut from my desktop! This is a good and helpful bunch. I hope it stays that way. Thank you, Patrick.
Mar 24, 2005
Bainbridge Island, Washington
There's plenty of sarcasm, anger, even hate over at DP Review. If you must vent or use angry sarcasm, why not go there. You can be sure to elicit someone who call you childish names and insult you.

I love this forum for the mature, thoughtfull, encouraging, positive informative and helpful threads and responses.

Keep it up and thanks to all that continue to keep it that way.
May 4, 2005
Thousand Oaks
Many of the contributors here left dpreview and other forums because of the bad behavior. It is good to see effective management of threads that get out of hand. Also glad I missed it.
Mar 31, 2005
Toronto Canada
I pledge to be civil, courteous and good mannered. I pledge to help those photographers who can't get straight horizons*, I promise to tell fellow photographers that their kids are cute when they're not, I promise to admire all those little doggie pictures when I'm a cat lover and think that all the yappy little dogs in my neighbourhood should be silenced permanently -esp the ones who yap before 7am. I promise to tell you that your chubby little bulldog is the cutest thing since sliced bread (snicker for Jarrell here), I promise not to swear, even when find that I'd left my camera setting at ISO1600 for a whole day and finally, I promise not to trip people who don't thank me for holding the door open for them *LOL* OK, my soap box is starting to wobble and needs to rest.

*this is in reference to a thread I started a while ago at DPR about my pet photography peeve: crooked horizons and eventually they started calling me the Horizon Police

Seriously Patrick, this is the place to be for peaceful photography discussions.
Mar 18, 2005
Ellamore, WV
Real Name
Dave Watts
I have seen little signs of this popping up occasionally in various threads. I hope we keep ourselves in check as like Todd, this is my happy place and where I go for useful information exchanged amongst those I consider friends.
Patrick, I respect you for this action.

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