Tidy Harley

Feb 4, 2006
On a Big Island Down Under...
Nice shots of a neat looking bobber Harley... Looks like an early Harley engine & drive train...

I can see it's in the mother country by the massive size license plate...
But wonder why they have such large plates :confused:, are all the Police near sighted or do the speed cameras what to ping you from more than a mile away...???? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
Jan 14, 2012

I like the rendition in deeper and richer tones!
I would have repaired the damage to the paintwork on 2 & 3.
Is that not a reflection of the handlebars? Or is there something I can't see.
Mar 12, 2009
Staffordshire, UK
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Well, you created a serious doubt in my mind…
I think the shooter is the truth holder! =)
You are both correct - Rusty has the answer, in that it is hot spot reflections from the bit of flash I hit it with, despite polarising it, but it did bring out the metallic in the base colour of the tank.

Kodiak is correct in that I shouldn't have been so lazy and posted a pic straight out of the camera. :wink: Thankfully, that is what we have designers for in the publishing house - it is their job to tart the pictures up, not the photographers. It is also their decision as to which images get used - why they never pick the pictures the photographer would select is anyone's guess. :biggrin:
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