Tiger CN200 110 through LomoLabs

Feb 2, 2005
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I like the picture Morty. It has the look "for real" that a lot of the phone camera apps try to emulate. The flare and color palate make it look like it was made in the 1970s. The frame around the picture is especially intriguing. It looks like the picture continues beyond the frame.
Mar 25, 2011
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Thanks Chris,

You are right, Lomolabs had told me that the scanner they use is a conversion not an original 110.
This is their reply
"The strips on each side are due to the fact that we're actually using an 'aps' or (ix240 to give it it's technical name) sized frame to scan the 110 negatives, holding each frame in place and aligning it by hand, because of this it would take forever to position the film accurately enough to crop in. We're currently looking all over the place for a 110 scanning accessory for our scanner but so far no luck in the uk, Austria or japan! It just seems our scanners are a bit too new and they barely made any 110 equipment for them!"
It never bothered me too much but I will check the negatives and see if I can re-scan them at my end to get the full frame.
I like the grain of their Tiger film, as you said it has this 70's real look that so many aps are trying to emulate.
And being a big floating yellow waterproof camera it is so much fun with the kids.
In this picture he was throwing in the water a cheap chinese waterproof camera, such as this:
Word of caution. They are a waste of money as the condensation that builds up in it made my first (and last) roll a complete failure.

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